Walker Hayes Premieres New Music Video for “Craig”

Back in April, we introduced you to rising country star Walker Hayes’ exceptional song, “Craig,” in our Live Swag Session interview with the artist. Then, in May, the entertainer shared his thank you letter to the infamous Craig, who he deemed as an influential and important person in his life.

The track, off Hayes’ debut album Boom, was inspired by a man the singer met at Church, during a difficult time in his family’s life. Without question or ridicule, Craig stepped in to help, and gifted the family of eight, a mini-van. This unparalleled act of kindness ultimately propelled the the singer-songwriter to write, record, and release the song as a thank you.

Fittingly, Hayes premiered a music video, that paints the picture of the lyrics in “Craig” perfectly, on none other, than ‘Giving Tuesday’ (November 27th). The simplistic video, filmed in black and white, showcases the singer playing piano, as stick figure animations mimic the special message of the heartfelt, story-telling lyrics. The song and the video may not get the radio time or award nominations it deserves, but the honesty and the kindness that it displays is unmatched. Check out the tune and the music video below.

More importantly, Hayes made sure to link his organization, “Be A Craig Fund,” encouraging fans to appreciate and partake in acts of kindness, and ultimately, pay it forward, as Craig did. Click here to donate or buy a “Be A Craig” t-shirt to support the cause.

Next up, Hayes embarks on his three month headlining tour, beginning on January 31st in Texas. The ‘Dream On It Tour’ was named by one of the singer’s fans in a contest he held via his Instagram. The show does not hit the New York area this time around, but keep checking our calendars for any updates. Visit for more information about his tour, organization, and more.


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Walker Hayes Shares Thank You Letter About New Single, “Craig”

If you haven’t heard Walker Hayes’ brand new single “Craig” yet, you should take a listen to the song that wasn’t originally meant for anyone to hear but Craig and his family.  Yesterday, Hayes shared on his Instagram a very personal thank you to his team and to everyone who has supported the song since his decision to put it on his debut album Boom. Click here to see the Instagram post, below are the incredible words he wrote regarding the song and his team for encouraging him to release it.


Walker Hayes Craig Letter via Instagram

Walker Hayes Craig Letter via Instagram

From Walker: 

“just a ripped out draft…help me clean it up

I felt a responsibility as an artist to put “Craig” out as my second single.
I know it’s not the easiest option for country radio to play…
I know it takes a listen or two for people to embrace the message…
I know it is alarmingly different and stylistically polarizing…
But it’s the truth…and every time I sing it, I mean it…I feel it…and I know it means something to someone listening.

It took me about 3 months to write “Craig.”
My sole intention was to say “thank you” to Craig for all that he means to my family and me.
I personally struggle with expressing emotions of love or gratitude to other guys…
It is very awkward and forced when I say “I love you” to my dad or my brothers…
I’m not sure why…it’s just always been like that…
I had told Craig
thank you many times and that we loved him and his family, but it was always followed with a joke or a quick subject change…
This song was my thank you note.

The lyrics to “Craig” are exactly how the story went down.
Every line is the truth.
The church really is called Redeeming Grace…
I really did smell like beer…
We really did lose our van…
And Craig really did show up at the ballpark “after my sons game one night in two cars with his wife Laura watchin’ from the other…”

There’s at least 3 pages of story that didn’t make it in the song.
There was an entire verse about how…from the stage…I could always see Craig in the back of the bar…talking someone’s ear off.
I knew every time he was telling them how amazing he thought I was…how well I could write…that I’d be playing stadiums one day…
here was also a verse about how Craig wasn’t rich…how his gesture truly was a sacrifice for his family to make by offering me their own van.
There was so much to the story that I wanted to share…

Craig and his wife, Laura, appreciated the song so much…
They listened to it in their car in a movie theater parking lot and cried together.
Craig’s first text to me after hearing the song was…”speechless”
Craig and Laura didn’t play it for anyone.  That’s how humble they are.
They never told anyone they had given us a van. Not a soul.
Even Craig’s twin brother had no idea they had helped us.
The song was meant to be a gift for their ears only.  A thank you in song form.

But everything changed when I played the song for my producer, Shane McAnally.
He insisted that it go on the album and I was shocked…
The song is so specific and personal I wondered who could relate…
We took the original version and added an intro to it…
We were all “speechless” when the final edit was 3 minutes and 16 seconds long…
I know…goosebumps right…

The reactions to “Craig” have spoken…
I’ve met countless people who are reminded of the “Craig’s” in their lives.
I’ve met countless people who are inspired to be like Craig.
I’ve met countless people who have been inspired by the song to give cars to families in need, pay it forward, adopting children, etc. in response to the song.
It’s crazy what the story of Craig and me is causing…
And as an artist…that’s what it’s all about…
Telling the world about things that change us…
That’s why I had to put this song out.

Craig and his family and their example mean everything to me.
I needed them.  I must tell y’all about em.
I want to introduce them to everyone.

I think my kids were safe cuz Craig was saved.”


The New York Country Swag team was honored to have Walker Hayes play a Swag Session with us recently when he was in town opening for Kelsea Ballerini.  Check out the full video below where Hayes gives even more of a backstory about “Craig” and grab the single here.





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