HARDY Collabs with Morgan Wallen & Chris Shiflett on New Song “Goin’ Nowhere”

HARDY collaborates with Morgan Wallen and Chris Shiflett on final new HIXTAPE song, “Goin’ Nowhere,” out now, December 10th. Listen to the new song here.

In the final track off the incredible record HIXTAPE VOL 2., HARDY collaborates with his label-mate and friend, Morgan Wallen and the Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett. The new song, “Goin’ Nowhere” is a true-blue country song. It is the perfect tune to close out an incredible project of music and collaborations.

The song begins with a verse sung by HARDY. The singer-songwriter loves his small-town roots. Wallen lends his voice to the second verse, furthering the notion that these men are made for the small-town stoplights and stars in the sky. Of course, throughout the entire song, the hard-rock nature is on full-display. Shiflett’s guitar solo is also a prominent feature.

“‘Cause I’m stuck in this town in my truck riding ’round with a plus of log cut in my lip // You’d have to cut the whole tree down // Can’t rip these roots out the ground ain’t getting out and I don’t care // ‘Cause why in the hell would I leave // I don’t need anything but fried chicken and crickets”

There is nothing quite like a HARDY and Wallen collab. Fans can catch the two on stage next year during The Dangerous Tour. Find all the information here.


HARDY collaborates with Morgan Wallen and Chris Shiflett on “Goin’ Nowhere,” out now.

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