Who Is Canaan Cox? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Canaan Cox? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Quick Facts:

Full Name – Canaan Cox

Birthday – November 20, 1989

Hometown – Henderson, North Carolina

Musical influences – Michael Jackson, Hanson, Gavin DeGraw

The Beginning:

Today’s spotlight shines on a talented and energetic artist, Canaan Cox. The singer-songwriter is a force to be reckoned with. He’s an actor, singer, dancer, writer, and even goes as far as producing, directing, and editing for his music videos.

Growing up in Henderson, North Carolina, Cox was born into a fairly musical family. “I was kind of surrounded by music. My mom and dad, they both play and write,” began the singer. “My grandma played piano in church and I would always sing, and my degree is in musical theater.”

According to Cox, he grew up listening to all different sorts of musical genres. “I remember the first CD I ever bought was a Michael Jackson CD, which is completely odd, like we were playing bluegrass,” shared the singer. “It was a huge different melting pot of music because there was so many of us,” added Cox, when talking about his big family of siblings.

Cox credits his parents for introducing him to artists like Conway Twitty and Lynyrd Skynyrd. “I grew up in country music and in the Carolinas and in the mountains, I don’t think you ever get over that being in your roots.”

Despite that, he gravitated towards pop himself. “Hanson is still to this day one of my favorite bands. Me personally, I was latching on to the more high-energy pop kind of stuff. Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Whitney [Houston].”

The Turning Point:

Cox took his love for music, and made a career out of it. After going to college for musical theater and writing while there, the singer pursed both acting and singing in new ways “After college, I got a job at theme parks, performing at Six Flags out in Texas. It was kind of a mix of acting and singing. I always knew I wanted to move to Nashville even then.”

Still, Cox did not make the move to music city. “There was always this love and desire to get to Nashville, but it was kind of  like I’ll get there when I’m ready.” While working on cruise ships, early on, Cox met someone who encouraged him to continue to pursue his dreams.

“I met a very, very famous person’s manager on one of the cruise ships. […] We became friends and he was like my only advice to you right now is, ‘you gotta move to Nashville,” shared the singer. “That always stuck with me.”

Flash forward three years after performing on cruise ships, Cox finally made the move to Music City.


Now, Cox takes his talent and knowledge of musical theatre to create music that is all his own. His pop-country sound is laced throughout his entire catalog of music. The singer recently started sharing songs off his self-titled EP. So far, fans can listen to, “As You Leave,” “J.O.Y.,” and “Wish.”

The latter two are both high-energy and fun songs that any music lover will fall in love with. Cox shared with us how “J.O.Y.,” came about during our conversation. “The acronym happened by accident. I had the idea of “Jokes On You,” began the singer. “I was dating a girl for a long time and she left me for another dude, and the next girl I started dating after her, is now my wife.”

Cox continued,“I started just writing this whole thing about ‘ wow I’m great, what a perfect situation that happened.’ If I hadn’t gone through that, I wouldn’t be where I am, not with my wife and my child.” The acronym worked out as a happy accident as well. Similarly, “Wish” is another optimistic song, a type of song we need during today’s day and age.

Fans can anticipate the final song dropping soon and even more music after that. Stay tuned!


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Canaan Cox Uses Unique Approach in Releasing New Music

Canaan Cox, "Take My Time"

Canaan Cox, “Take My Time”

Canaan Cox has captured the hearts of fans everywhere through his honest lyrics and North Carolina country charm. Since moving to Nashville in 2016, he has put out a self-titled EP along with several single releases. Fans following Cox on Instagram, will quickly recognize his hustle and ‘do-it-yourself’ mentality. Working hard to promote his music, schedule shows, and connect with his fans all on his own. It is truly impressive the ground he has covered in the last two years.

Releasing his latest single “Take My Time”, Cox explains in a recent conversation how his unconventional approach to the song led him to the final outcome.

“This song actually happened to be the outcome of a ‘bad’ write,” he explains, “We went in to write something and none of us were feeling it. I simply said ‘let’s just go way left field and write a pop song’.”

Cox chalked the day up to be just another write under his belt, thinking the pop song they had written was simply a good way to work on their songwriting skills and explore their creativity. It was not until he heard the finished song from a demo they received back that Cox realized it was something he actually really did want to put out for his fans to hear.

His one dilemma? It wasn’t a “country song”. Cox went on to explain, “Even though country nowadays has it’s pop flair, as an indie/country artist I didn’t want to throw a crazy curveball at my fans and say ‘listen to this pop song’ and them be like… ‘ugh, Canaan, what is this?'”

Instead, Cox took the opportunity to create a truly unique project by releasing two versions of the song with two completely different music videos to go along. For the pop friendly version, he found Daisha McBride, a fellow independent artist on Twitter, who has killer tunes and the great attitude that he was looking for. She brings unique vocals to the track and truly ties it all together. After that, Cox quickly sent some ideas to production for a country version and things began to fall into place.

Cox claims that he is excited to see the reaction his fans have to his newest single because of the different avenue he took.

“Take My Time” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music.

Listen to the new song below on our new music playlist and check out more new tracks here. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


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