Acoustic Jam: A Benefit Concert For Camp Broadcast

Sam Alex, creator of Camp Broadcast is inviting you to A Benefit Concert For Camp Broadcast featuring artists like Canaan Smith, Abby Anderson, and more. Learn more below.

We always love to support creatives in the industry, so we are so excited to share with you the incredible ticketed event coming soon. The ‘Acoustic Jam: A Benefit Concert For Camp Broadcast’ featuring Canaan Smith, Darryl Worley, Ray Fulcher, and Abby Anderson is officially scheduled for Wednesday, June 15th at Joe’s Live in Rosemont, Illinois. The incredible night of music helps raise money for Camp Broadcast.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Camp Broadcast, Camp Broadcast is a 1 week, masterclass experience for high school and college-aged aspiring journalists and broadcasters to put together a hosting reel, learn from professionals in the industry, and interview celebrities. Camp Broadcast was created by Sam Alex two years ago, during the pandemic.

“This week, 2 years ago because of Covid all these in-person internships were canceled […] I felt so bad. […] I just thought of ‘Camp Broadcast’ and asked my friends who worked in TV and Radio what they would think if I had a masterclass on Zoom,” shared Alex in our recent conversation. This idea sparked the now-live event.

“The coolest part is not just seeing them get their jobs, but the relationships they form with the guests, the celebrity mentors, but especially with each other, with their fellow campers,” shared the founder.” Alex later shared, “At the end of the week the campers will have a hosting reel, a very valuable 2-3 minute reel when they apply for internships and jobs of them interviewing actual newsmakers and celebrities.”

Despite all of the incredible good that has come out of Camp Broadcast, Alex’s goal is for the camp to be free for all who wish to attend. In order to make that happen, the upcoming benefit concert is essential.


To attend the Acoustic Jam: A Benefit Concert for Camp Broadcast, purchase your tickets here. Continue to support the incredible organization by following them on social media as well and spreading the word!

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