Who Is Brooke Moriber? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Brooke Moriber? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Brooke Moriber

The Beginning:

We love introducing our community to up and coming artists in the country music world. Today we get to introduce you to a New York native, Brooke Moriber. The songstress is both a stellar songwriter and a powerhouse vocalist. Her story is one of resilience, strength, and perseverance. 

“I grew up in Greenwich Village, a super artsy neighborhood in Manhattan,” shared Moriber. Due to her Manhattan upbringing, the singer was able to fall in love with all sorts of musical genres. “I was exposed to every kind of music under the sun and I always wanted to be a performer, since before I could remember,” she tells us.

Growing up, both of her parents were formerly involved in the arts. Because of that, they were hesitant about Moriber getting involved in the industry. “I actually got my first professional gig at eight years old. I begged my parents to bring me to the audition,” she recalls. As a child, Moriber landed the coveted role of the child Cosette on the popular Broadway Show Les Miserables. “I feel very very blessed that, that was my first intro to performing at any capacity.”

This started the songstress on the trajectory to perform for a living; despite, always having a desire to share her own story. She found inspiration in artists like Linda Ronstadt and Billy Joel, but truly loved many genres. “It ranged from 90s hiphop, to grunge to people like Sheryl Crow, Sara McLachlan, and Shania Twain,” shared Moriber. “I guess that’s where some of the country comes out of me, but I was listening to everything,” she adds.

Unfortunately, when the singer was a teenager, she was diagnosed with a rare eye disease that left her blind for four years. After a painful and tough road, to the doctor’s surprise, her disease went into remission, allowing her to fulfill her dreams once again. “When I went into remission, I realized that I really felt the power of music had helped me heal through it and I got to the point where I didn’t want to tell other people’s stories anymore, I wanted to tell mine.”

The Turning Point:

Moriber continued to perform on Broadway and played gigs with her band as much as she could in New York City. However, it was after many people kept telling her to try out Nashville that she fell in love with another city. “Everyone kept telling me that the type of music you write and the subjects that you write, you should go to Nashville.”

Eventually, Moriber went out to Nashville to do some co-writes. Although hesitant at first, she ended up falling in love with the city. “I’m a very, very proud native New Yorker, and I never thought I’d fall in love with another place,” she begins, “But Nashville has become my second home,” she tells us.

Moriber later adedd, “After my first writing session, I just knew this was home. A lightbulb just went off, and I formed a family out there of friends and musicians, and I felt like they welcomed me with open arms.” It was then that she began to travel back and forth from New York to Nashville for work.

Later the true turning point came when the singer chatted with her agent. “I walked into my agent’s office at a certain point and I said don’t send me on auditions anymore, I’m going to Nashville. I need to pursue my recording career.” Moriber added, “I knew that if I didn’t take the opportunity now, I would never have the guts to do that again and this was always what I truly dreamed of in my heart of hearts.”


Flash forward to today, Moriber is a signed artist with Reviver Entertainment Group. Her debut song, “The Town Made Us” is due out October 8th. We got an early listen to the song and we can attest to how good it is.

According to the singer, “I wrote it for my two hometowns. The two places that shape me and got me to this moment. All the things I’ve ever written about; resilient, strength, and overcoming challenge, those were the qualities that those two towns were showing during a really difficult time.”

If you are dying to listen to Moriber’s music now and cannot wait, then we encourage you to check out “In It Together” and “Better Days,” two songs that came out of Zoom writes during the Pandemic. On the latter, Moriber shares, “We were writing about being hopeful for the future, saying there’s going to be better days, I can feel it in my bones.” It is truly the anthem we need.

Fans can look forward to the release of her upcoming single, as well as the lyric video for “The Town That Made Us.” Moriber also promises more new music coming a the top of 2022. Be on the look out!


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