NYCS Swag Spotlight: Jordyn Stoddard

Jordyn Stoddard

If you are looking for an artist that is going to inspire you to be your authentic self, look no further than our Swag Spotlight this week, Jordyn Stoddard. Throughout our conversation, we covered everything from a coveted moment on stage with Kenny Chesney, how her music has evolved, and of course what to expect going into the future.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Stoddard fell into music at a young age. After discovering she wasn’t good at soccer, she stuck with piano and vocal lessons and even taught herself to play guitar a few years later. At just seven years old, the songstress went to her first concert, where she just so happen to be pulled up on stage by Kenny Chesney himself. Stoddard reflected on this moment with us, sharing “I really did kind of remember some of that moment just being on stage because it was like so life changing. But I remember looking out into the crowd and being like ‘Wow,” this is the coolest job anyone could have.”

This moment combined with her love for music started Stoddard on the trajectory to becoming a singer-songwriter. She connected to country music and songwriting at an early age, identifying artists like Chesney, Taylor Swift, and Miranda Lambert as some of her influences. She shared that she loves how Chesney, “Doesn’t have a lot of props on stage, and somehow captures the audience every single night,” and credited Swift for “changing songwriting for country music,” especially for young women.

Nowadays, Stoddard pulls inspiration from all different genres, including, pop, R&B, alternative, and of course, country, name-dropping The Band Camino, H.E.R., and Parker McKay as some of her current favorites. Her wide range of music taste, shines through in her own music. She shared with us that it is important for her to reflect on her musical tastes throughout her own music, stating, “I think that songs come when you’re uncomfortable or when you’re doing things that you aren’t familiar with.”

Her current single, “Bad Baby” perfectly blends pop with country and hints of R&B flavor, personifying her statement about the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone. Stoddard wrote the track with her good friend, Peyton Porter, “coming from the perspective of an R&B sound.” According to the singer, the song was inspired from “just the idea that you’re really like somebody and it’s almost like you’re kinda stuck in a daydream. You’re walking in from a distance, and you’re feeling all these things, but you kind of don’t know how to communicate that to that person,” adding later that the song rings true for her, “I kind of lean on music sometimes to communicate how I’m feeling. That’s really the idea behind that song.” The enticing melody, clever lyrics, and the creative title clearly show off her artistry and her assets in the best light.

To wrap up our conversation, we made sure to check in to see, when we can expect more music from the talented singer-songwriter. She revealed that she is getting ready to put out music soon, exclusively sharing that her next single will be “Shouldn’t Have To,” adding that it is more on the countryside of the spectrum. “It was important for me to challenge myself and to write things where it was coming from a real honest and vulnerable place,” adding that the next two upcoming tracks “talk about a previous relationship.” Even more exciting, the songstress has even more music in the works, continuing to experiment with different sounds and vibes that speak to her as an artist and a songwriter, her ultimate goal as a singer-songwriter.

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