NYCS First Impression: Ashley Campbell

Ashley Campbell

Photo Credit: Sean M. Flynn

Paving your way for any artist in the music industry is a difficult task, but for Ashley Campbell, she has the added challenge of stepping out from her father Glen Campbell’s shadow and creating her way as an artist in the country music world.  Her debut album, available everywhere today, concisely wraps up growing up, becoming an adult and the challenges you face. Upon moving to Nashville in 2013, Campbell starting writing songs every single day, all leading up to today, releasing her own music for the world to hear.  Shannon and Cal Campbell, Ashley’s brothers also worked on the project, Shannon contributes vocals and guitar and Cal helped Ashley co-produce.



Back in February Campbell joined New York Country Swag to chat about her new music and gave us a sneak peek of songs off the album.  Performing what she said was one of her favorite songs on the album, “Nothing Day”, a love song about enjoying the simple things in life, taking in the humdrum days with someone you care about.  Giving us a further look into the tracks on the album “Looks Like Time” is “..about karma, I think we’ve all had someone in our lives where we used to date them and they were really hot stuff, then they left you crying in the dust, I know it’s happened to me for sure, otherwise I wouldn’t have written this song and then you see them years later and they look terrible!” she laughs before playing the tune.


Campbell showcases her songwriting and singing abilities on The Lonely One, as well as her ability to play multiple instruments and create a beautiful debut record. The project not only features her crystal clear vocal but lends itself to traditional country, pop-country, as well as a bluesy and rock feel, blending genres to create her own style, eager to carve out her own little part of this vast musical world.

Take a listen to The Lonely One and grab your copy on iTunes here.



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Swag Sessions: Featuring Ashley Campbell at Opry City Stage


Singer-songwriter Ashley Campbell, who just happens to be the daughter of famed country music star Glenn Campbell, joined us for a Swag Session Wednesday evening (Feb. 21)  at Opry City Stage.  After surprising diners down on the second floor, Campbell headed up to the private fourth floor, The Studio, to play a few songs and answer some questions for New York Country Swag.

Singing songs from her forthcoming debut album, due out in May including “Nothing Day”, “Looks Like Time” and “I Wish I Wanted”. Check out the full video below.



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