Scotty McCreery: ‘Same Truck’ – Album Review

Scotty McCreery’s fifth album, Same Truck, is available now, September 17th on all streaming platforms. Check out our full review and listen to the brand new music here.

Scotty McCreery’s fifth studio album, Same Truck, is out now. The twelve-track project, with ten songs co-written by McCreery, is filled with love, heartbreak, and the emotions of losing a loved one.  This record truly has it all.

The album starts off with the North Carolina native asking for unity with the title track, “Same Truck”. Written by McCreery, Ashley Gorley, Taylor Phillips, and Zach Crowell, “Same Truck” puts in perspective that while we may have different beliefs on certain issues we are all similar in ways we may not even realize. It’s a reminder that we should be boosting each other up, not tearing each other down.

“You Time”, a song that is already climbing the charts, is up next. It showcases some of what the singer has learned from his marriage. Written by McCreery, Frank Rogers, and Aaron Eshuis, the fun, upbeat track shows that hitting pause in our busy lives to recharge with our significant others is important. Another lesson the season 10 American Idol winner shares in the new music is that no matter how long you’ve been together, continuing to pay attention to those tiny details in a relationship is important. This includes buying their favorite wine on your way home or listening to them talk about their bad day, which can be heard on “It Matters To Her.”

In the track “Home”, McCreery learns that a place that he once couldn’t wait to leave is now a place he cannot wait to return to. The emotion you get from the singer on these songs truly shows how much he cares about his wife Gabi.

Aside from singing about relationships in love, McCreery also dedicates a song to the person that inspired him to pursue music. Written by Trent Tomlinson and Jim Collins, “Damn Strait”, honors the legendary George Strait who was the singer’s very first concert. After the concert, the singer knew that he wanted to be on stage one day.  On “Carolina To Me”, written by McCreery, Jeremy Bussey and Phillips, McCreery reflects on what it was like growing up in the picturesque state of North Carolina.

McCreery also uses his talent to honor those who he has lost with the song, “The Waiter.” We never know what people are going through. The song depicts a story of a man who has lost his wife, but still continues to honor her with Friday night date night. He shows up to the restaurant each week, orders their favorite meal, laughs, and cries. Everyone thinks the man is talking to himself when in reality he is talking to his wife above. The song showcases a fresh perspective to remind us all to relinquish judgement.

“How You Doing Up There” written by McCreery, Monty Criswell, Derek George, and Tyler Reeve closes out the album. The past year and a half has been rough on everyone, but McCreery shares a perspective we have never thought of. On this song, the singer leans into his faith. This gospel-inspired song asks how God is doing with everything happening in the world right now. It’s beautifully done and the perfect way to end Same Truck.

Overall, Same Truck showcases McCreery’s talent. He knows how to perfectly mix fun with heart. His goal was to give his fans a new perspective on life and he nailed it. Waiting three years for this album was absolutely worth it.

Same Truck Tracklist

  1. Same Truck (Scotty McCreery, Ashley Gorley, Taylor Phillips, Zach Crowell)
  2. You Time (Scotty McCreery, Frank Rogers, Aaron Eshuis)
  3. It Matters To Her (Scotty McCreery, Rhett Akins, Lee Thomas Miller)
  4. Damn Strait (Trent Tomlinson, Jim Collins)
  5. It’ll Grow On Ya (Jeremy Bussey, Jason Blaine, Taylor Phillips, Adam Wood)
  6. The Waiter (Scotty McCreery, Matthew West, Frank Rogers)
  7. Why You Gotta Be Like That (Scotty McCreery, Jordan Schmidt, James McNair)
  8. Home (Scotty McCreery, Frank Rogers, Brent Anderson, Tammi Kidd)
  9. Carolina To Me (Scotty McCreery, Jeremy Bussey, Taylor Phillips)
  10. Small Town Girl (Scotty McCreery, Ashley Gorley, Zach Crowell)
  11. That Kind of Fire (Scotty McCreery, Josh Hoge, Matt McVaney, Justin Wilson)
  12. How Ya Doin’ Up There (Scotty McCreery, Monty Criswell, Derek George, Tyler Reeve)

Scotty McCreery’s brand new album ‘Same Truck’ is out now.

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