Sam Hunt Releases A Studio Version of “Sinning With You”

Everyone has their opinion on New Year’s resolutions. Some take no part in them, some try to stick to their new goals, and others go all in. Sam Hunt’s had one since Summer 2019: that he would be turning in his sophomore album January 1st.

It’s January 3rd now, and Hunt has stayed true to his word. The second official single off SH2, titled, “Sinning With You” was released at midnight. He premiered the song in concert, and NYCS was in attendance when he played it at New York’s Country 94.7’s Stars and Strings event. Watch the full video above.

The pensive ballad was co-written by Hunt, Emily Weisband, Paul DiGiovanni, and longtime collaborator John Osborne. It’s production is beautiful in a take-it-slow kind of way. It leans on guitars to guide the melody, and has a simple snap and kick drum to lead the rhythm. There are some pretty harmonies that flow through the choruses and into the verses and bridge. It’s much simpler and more stripped back than any of his previous singles in the past few years.

“It’s a commentary on growing up in the South and conflict with religion, being in a [serious] relationship before you’re married and all that comes with that,” Hunt revealed to Billboard in September. The lyrics are obviously so personal to Hunt, but they are clever and catchy while still remaining poetic. “Your body was baptized / So disenfranchised/I was your favorite confession” He sings in the first verse. “My past was checkered / Your spotless record was probably in jeopardy”. It’s very clear that it’s about that tug-and-war many have when they’re in the in-between of being young and growing up, a topic Hunt explored on his previous record.

“Sinning With You” is probably the first song of Hunt’s that directly deals with religion. He toyed with it on a few songs on Montevallo and mentioned that his wife’s dad is a pastor on songs like “Drinkin’ Too Much” (“I hope your dad still prays for me”), but it’s the first time he has dived into his childhood like that. While songs about one’s religious identity can be hit or miss, Hunt has given fans a rare window into his personal life and his youth. For that reason, this song does feel different than his other songs. It’s almost risky; but that’s the reason Hunt became popular: he’s never been afraid to “go there” and take those risks.

Melodically, this is one of Hunt’s strongest songs. It has a momentum to it that makes you want to focus on the song. The lyrics are really the center of the track, so the gentle melody that has been created works wonderfully.

It’s unclear what the rest of the record will be like once it comes out. He’s exploring different topics and different sounds in his new songs, and it’s definitely an album to keep your eyes and ears out for in 2020. There’s no doubt that he has a big year ahead of him.

To keep up with Sam Hunt, you can find him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. To find him on tour in 2020, go to his website linked here.

“Sinning With You” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.





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