Our Favorite Covers of “Fast Car” & “Cover Me Up” by Country Artists

Sometimes country artists like to cover songs by other artists, but in and outside the genre. We love it when it just works. Lately, two songs seem to be tugging at the heartstrings by many artists in the country genre.

Tracy Chapman’s soulful and incredible song “Fast Car” seems to be a favorite by many artists across genres. Since its 1988 release, it has gained more and more traction and has become an iconic song and melody in the music industry. Artists like Justin Bieber and Passenger have shared their versions, and now, it seems, many country artists are following suit. “Cover Me Up” originally by Jason Isbell also appears to be a crowd-favorite, despite coming out in 2013. With artists like Taylor Swift and Zac Brown Band singing their praises, country artists have paid attention too!

Here are a few of our favorite country music covers below!


  1. Luke Combs

Of course, superstar, Luke Combs has to top our list. After fans begged him to sing this song, Combs obliged, and his performance went viral. The video was viewed almost a million times in just 24 hours. Combs’ version is vocally-pleasing, yet effortless, and we cannot get enough of it!

  1. Levi Hummon

Our Swag Session alum, Levi Hummon is vocal about his love for “Fast Car.” He often covers the song, during his live shows, and it’s clear his fans are receptive to his simple and modern rendition. Hummon’s version feels authentic and believable to his story and parallel to his songwriting.



  1. Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen’s version of “Cover Me Up” went viral across all streaming platforms, and fans instantly fell in love with it. The song resonated so well with fans that the singer even premiered an intense and impactful short film about PTSD as a music video for the track. It is very easy to believe that Wallen was the originator of the song if you didn’t already know the stunning original.

  1. Luke Bryan & CB30

We have always been big fans of Luke Bryan, but seeing him collaborate with newcomers CB30, (who we are also loving) takes it to a whole new level. Their version of “Cover Me Up” is harmonies on fire. The three voices meld together exquisitely, and it’s clear that they all appreciate the beauty and intricacies of the song. P.S Can you spot our NYCountry Swag snapback 😉



  1. Rodney Atkins

One of the greatest vocalists of our time, Rodney Atkins liked “Cover Me Up” by Jason Isbell so much that he recorded his own rendition and included it on his latest record, Caught Up in the Country. Atkins make the song his own by not trying to sound like Isbell and keeping his vocals true to his aesthetic, and it worked! The video dates back to 2014, where Atkins sings the tune with his beautiful and talented wife Rose Falcon.

We wonder what other songs will make a splash with artists this year. We love seeing singers rally and give attention to such meaningful and important songs.



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