NYCS Swag Spotlight: Liv Charette

Liv Charette


A native of Ottowa, Canada, our Swag Spotlight this week shines on Liv Charette. As a young girl, all of her time and energy focused on figure skating, a sport where dedication is needed and for eleven years, she learned that hard work is needed when following a passion. When she turned 14, she hung up her skates and decided to pursue a new dream, music. Growing up idolizing powerhouse singers like Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride, and Shania Twain, Charette gravitated towards music and performing after learning how to sing with her grandfather. “Everything that I learned in skating, translated well into music, especially the performance side and the work ethic as well,” she tells us in a recent phone interview. 

Learning to play the guitar and starting to write her own music when she was 16, she started playing shows and festivals in her hometown and once she graduated from high school, was connected with a few people in Nashville and made the move. She attended Belmont University, studying the business side of music as well as audio engineering, and since graduating has dedicated her whole life to her music. 

It is such an exciting time not only for young female artists but specifically, those who were born and raised in Canada. Lindsay Ell just released an incredible project, Tenille Townes is celebrating her debut record released earlier this summer, and one of our 2020 Artists to Watch, Madison Kozak continues to gain fans and accolades in Music City. Charette is inspired by this new class of women who are writing and creating music that is truly giving female country fans something to love. 

When discussing how she chooses to cut a song or what she aspires to write, she tells us; “I want songs that really represent me as a person or the message that I want to say, that it’s empowering, making someone feel something.” Her first single, an outside cut that her producer Steve Dorff had been saving for eight years was written by Barry Dean and the late, Andrew Dorff. Upon hearing “That Kind Of Song” for the first time, she just knew that it was something she wanted to cut. “I heard the song and I could just hear myself singing it, I saw what Steve saw when he thought of me for the song, I connected so much to the storytelling of the song because it’s so unique.” With beautiful imagery and a twist on a typical stereotypical country lyric, “That Kind of Song” can be a reminder of how important a loved one is. “In a time like this when there is so much news, so much noise out there, you don’t know what to believe, its a bit of a crazy world and I think it’s a song that really reminds you what is really important at the end of the day,” she tells us.  Charette was trusted with bringing the great song to life, giving justice to an Andrew Dorff song, and knows the honor of bringing his words to the world. Listen to her sweeping, powerful vocals on the touching ballad below.


Looking ahead, she tells us that she is excited to release the music video for her single and to also continue to create and release new music. 

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