NYCS First Impression: Kacey Musgraves Sparks Ethereal Wonder on ‘Golden Hour’

Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour

Kacey Musgraves is a Grammy winner who writes and creates songs that are important for this generation and for the country genre.  While her sophomore album Pageant Material focused more on her hometown of Golden, Texas and the ups and downs of growing up in such a small town, Golden Hour is focused more on love, her place on this planet and even a little bit of 70’s disco flair.

From the opening track “Slow Burn” to the LSD fueled “Mother” and the closing track “Rainbow” the entire project is luminous, airy, and meaningful.  When listening to Golden Hour, you can almost see the sounds and feel the colors that she wanted to portray.  In fact, earlier this week she hosted her album listening party at a planetarium in Nashville and each song had its own psychedelic, starry-filled video to accompany the track.  The last single and instant gratification song released to those who pre-ordered the album, “High Horse” is nostalgic of the disco era, lava lamps and the word “boogie”.

Her vocals flit and float over the melodies especially in “Rainbow” and one of the first singles off the project “Butterflies”, which our team got to see her perform live when she opened for Little Big Town at Radio City Music Hall.   As a new bride, Musgraves seems to have a new appreciation for the brilliant feeling when you find the one your heart longs for.

Though many of the songs are light and playful, she stays true to her artistry in never shying away from raw, honest subjects in her music. “Happy and Sad” zeros its focus in on always waiting for the other shoe to drop, not appreciating the good things because of fear of the bad.  “Space Cowboy” one of the strongest, somber songs of the entire project was released the same day as the love song “Butterflies” proving that on this project both love, sadness, and breakup can live peacefully.

Golden Hour is a true masterpiece, weaving delicate lyrics into stories, laced over some of the most unique and colorful melodies.  Grab your copy of Golden Hour on iTunes or listen below:



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