NYCS First Impression: Tenille Townes Living Room Worktapes

Newcomer Tenille Townes hails from Grand Prairie, Canada.  After years of playing writers rounds in Nashville including the famed Bluebird Cafe, she has finally made her music available digitally today.   The Living Room Worktapes are four songs that culminate to paint the perfect picture of what this young artist is truly capable of.  In addition to releasing her music today, Townes announced on social media that she has signed a record deal with Sony Music/Columbia Nashville.

The lyrics on this project are so well written, so thought out that it is apparent these ideas have been working their way through her life and just had to be expressed through song. Vulnerable stories coupled with Townes’ uncanny vocal ability to be strong and sweet, tender and powerful.

Teaming up with heavy hitters such as Luke Laird and Barry Dean for “Somebody’s Daughter” the story is about a woman struggling with the reality of homelessness.

“Bet she was somebody’s best friend / laughing back when she was somebody’s sister / counting change at the lemonade stand, probably somebody’s high school first kiss /  dancing in the gym where the kids all talk about someday plans / now this light will turn green and I’ll hand her a couple dollars / and I’ll wonder if she got lost or they forgot her shes somebody’s daughter” 

Another stand out is “Jersey on the Wall”, a slow ballad, burning with questions for God or a higher power including the reason for someone dying so young.

“If I ever get to heaven, you know I’ve got a long list of questions /  like ‘How do you make a snowflake?’ / ‘Are you angry when the earth quakes?’, / ‘How does the sky change in a minute?’ /’How do you keep this big rock spinning?’ / ‘Why can’t you stop a car from crashing’ /  forgive me I’m just asking”

Proving that a simple guitar and an exquisite voice can transport the listener, with very little production needed. Take a listen below to Living Room Worktapes below and follow Tenille Townes on social media here: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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