NYCS First Impression: Steve Moakler ‘Pocket 1’ EP

Steve Moakler Pocket 1 Blue Jeans

Steve Moakler is back with new music, releasing his new EP Pocket 1, today. The three-song collection comes in advance of his forthcoming album, Blue Jeans, due out in 2020. The songs show Moakler as more mature and yet more vulnerable, reflecting on fatherhood, marriage, and all of the changes that come with growing up.

The collection features his new single, “Push,” as well as “One on the Way, in honor of the birth of his son this year, and the album’s title track, “Blue Jeans.”

On “Push,” co-written by Moakler, Blane Mitchell, Grant Vogel, he sings of the trials of his marriage, and how he and his wife, Gracie, are able to rise above the hard times to come out stronger. “No matter how tough it looks/ I want you to know I ain’t afraid to/ Push on through, toward you,” Moakler sings here. “I ain’t afraid to/ Push around what’s pushing you round/ Push back what’s pushing you down/ ‘Till it’s buried in the ground /I ain’t afraid to push.”

Moakler spoke exclusively to People about his new single, revealing, “Sometimes the mere title of a song leads you to the song’s heart, and that’s what happened with this song. I played off the word ‘Push’ with two friends of mine, and it quickly became a song that tells a piece of the narrative of my marriage.” He continues, “When times are tough, we have to remind each other that we have chosen each other. There are days when we don’t feel as close, but those are the days we really need to dig in and have the hard conversations and make sure we both know that neither of us are going anywhere. When you push through, you can find magic.”

“Blue Jeans” was co-written by Moakler and Keith Varon, and celebrates how life if like a pair of tried and true blue jeans. “There ain’t nothing in the world like a pair of blue jeans,” He muses. “Getting better with time/ It’s a beautiful thing/ Breaking in this life like a pair of blue jeans.”

Finally, Moakler wrote “One on the Way” with Josh Kerr and Gordie Sampson, celebrating life’s changes and fatherhood. It’s a beautiful tribute to both his wife and their son. “One on the way means a whole different thing these days,” He sings, comparing his life now to his youth.

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Pocket 1 EP is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.



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