NYCS First Impression: Rachel Reinert ‘Into the Blue’

By Michal Pietrzak

Into the Blue Rachel Reinert

Into the Blue is Rachel Reinert’s solo debut album and it’s simply amazing. If things could have souls this album would definitely have one.  Reinert moved to Nashville in 2005 to pursue the dream of being a solo artist but became a part of Gloriana, a band that was together creating music for 8 years. 15 years after moving to Music City, she can finally say she is a solo artist and the country music family gained another member. It was an incredible journey with a happy ending as she admits on Instagram –  “I truly did not know if I was ever going to be able to get to do this-to actually hold my album and be able to share myself with whoever is willing to listen. It truly is the greatest gift. To my incredible team and collaborators who helped make this dream a reality, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.”

Before we get to an evaluation of the album here’s an important message posted on social media: “Hey guys. When I imagined finally getting to release my album, this is not the image I had in mind. Promoting it has certainly not been the happy event I was dreaming of given the chaos and tragedy surrounding my city and our world right now. I was supposed to be having a listening party tonight, but unfortunately, my team had to make the difficult decision to postpone. I talked with my team about what the right move is, whether to put my album out tomorrow or not, and I’ve decided that I have to press on with this release. My hope is these songs will bring comfort and joy and relief to everyone who needs it right now. These are some extremely heavy and unprecedented times but music is healing, and I believe it’s what we all need most in trying moments like these.”

Into the Blue is 43 minutes long and consists of 11 amazing songs that were co-written by Reinert. It doesn’t get better than that. Sonically the tunes are relaxing and easy-going while the lyrics are full of hope, determination, courage, feelings, and passion. The first song that stands out from the rest is “Cool” which also is a first song on the album. It showcases the way that you feel when you find your first love and what makes that relationship special and different. It’s a story which went from intense love, through intense hate to being pretty good friends. “Cool/ Me and you/ I never thought we’d get back to/ The way we used to be when we were cool”.

“Here” is another prime example of how Reinert is a spectacular storyteller through her music. The track is about love, hope, dreams, and determination. “I’ve got seven tattoos minus one that I had removed / Blame it all on mistakes of my youth / ‘Cause I do, I do/ I’ve been a grown-up since I was 16 / Left home to chase a dream / California couldn’t hold on to me/ ‘Cause I knew, I knew/ Somewhere up ahead / You’ll be waiting for me with flowers in your hand”.

“King of Hearts” is reminiscent of a song that Reba McEntire would have recorded back in the 90s about boy/man every lady should look out for because he can break your heart and leave you sad.  The next song really makes you think who your friends are as “All We Have” shines a spotlight on the meaning of friendship. You find out true friends when you’re in need. The lesson is: Don’t be fooled by people when you’re on top because when you’re down, only close and true people stay with you. “So I sold everything I had owned/ From the clothes to the big blue home/ It was just stuff keeping me stuck in rewind/ Now I’m filling the new place up with pictures frames/ Of the people that stayed when nothing remained/ But the love they gave made me realize/ All we have is who we are”

“Some Kind Of Angel” is a cream del a cream of the album. It’s the greatest and prettiest diamond in a crown. It’s a song for hopeless romantics. It doesn’t get better than a woman appreciating her man. Usually, women are called angels and that’s justified but every once in awhile there’s a man that can be called an angel. “You just let me be exactly who I need to be/ You make me feel like I’m living my wildest dream/ Sometimes I can’t believe, how you love me so endlessly/ It’s just who you are, you hold my heart like no one else on earth/ It’s such a mystery how you never give up on me/ With all we’ve been through/ Darling you are some kind of angel”  

 With such a great debut album Reinert’s star is on the rise. She delivers each of the tracks with passion and authenticity and that makes her really special. If you have 43 minutes of free time spend them wisely and listen to her album Into the Blue. It’s really worth it.

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