NYCS First Impression: Lena Stone ‘Princess EP Stripped’

Back in April, Swag Spotlight alum and powerful songstress, Lena Stone released her newest project, an EP entitled Princess. We highlighted her journey from being a founding member of Nashville’s female community of songwriters, the Song Suffragettes to stepping out on her own and displaying her stellar songwriting and vocals to the world on this record. Now, Stone has surprised us with a stripped-down version of the record we loved instantly.

Even though the ‘new’ EP contains the same songs, the singer-songwriter manages to breathe new life into each of the five tracks. The minimal production allows each song to take center stage as they are, with the lyrics being the focal point. Stone still conveys her sassiness and honesty in each song, but this time it is the story-telling at the heart of the music.

“Hotel” the opening track is still a feel-good anthem that has that pop-country flair, but this time, listeners can really feel the message behind the lyrics. Moreover, Stone’s talent really shines, as it’s clear she could evoke the same fun-loving feelings in this song, even if it is acapella! Furthermore, the double meaning of the lyric “Leave your baggage at home and let’s take it to the hotel” is nothing short of brilliant.

Like “Hotel,” “Kids These Days” still manages to evoke the same feel, as the original version. The stripped-down version feels delightfully country; however, with the right production, the song could easily glide from genre to genre, appealing to all music fans. One of our favorites originally, the acoustic version of the meaningful track does not disappoint!

One of our other favorites, “Personal Space” feels like a brand new song. The new version is honest, vulnerable, and truthful. Stripped-down, the song feels intimate and romantic, a vibe that the song definitely embodies. In a similar vein, “Princess” transforms from female empowerment jam to an enticing journal entry. Both versions are spirited and powerful.

“If you’re looking for a white knight honey good luck finding one / If you lose your shoe at midnight, baby girl you’re probably drunk”

Finally, the ballad “Out Of My Hands” closes out the record. The always hear-wrenching break-up song becomes even more tearjerking and honest in the new re-mastered version. Stone’s vocals are on full display and her song lyrics show that she is a top notch songwriter in her own right. “Out Of My Hands” explores the notion that we can often control so much in our lives; however, we cannot control another person nor can we control their actions. Stone finds a way to deliver the powerful song in such a way that it is sure to hit close to home for any listener.

We said after listening to the original EP that Princess leaves you wanting more in the best possible way, and that sentiment still rings true. This new, stripped-down project leaves the listener in awe of Stone’s talent and hopeful for more songs in the future. We are big fans of her, and we know you will be too after you listen to this project!

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Princess is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


Princess EP Tracklist:

  1. “Hotel”
  2. “Princess”
  3. “Personal Space”
  4. “Kids These Days”
  5. “Out Of My Hands”






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