NYCS First Impression: Keith Urban ‘THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1’

Keith Urban The Speed Of Now

There is no one like Keith Urban in the music industry. For over twenty years, we have had the pleasure of watching Urban evolve as a musician, songwriter, and bonafide superstar. He continues to deliver music that is true to who he is in the moment, blending sounds across genres. His newest LP, THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1 marks the singer’s 11th full-length record, and it is Urban at his finest.

Each and every one of the sixteen tracks are cohesive, yet impactful individually. Although the production of each song may be different and genre-bending is evident, every song focuses on the importance of ‘now’ and ultimately not waiting to speak your truth. In the reflective, yet nostalgic tune, “Live With,” Urban explores the narrative that the goal is to live a life you love, rather than the life someone expects you to live. “We Were” of course, both the original track and the feature with writer, Eric Church, culminates this idea, affirming that our choices set us up for the rest of our lives.

Along with Church, Urban collaborates with funk/pop icon Nile Rodgers and Breland, as well as, megastar P!NK on the opening tracks. “Out The Cage” with Breland and Nile Rodgers is a funky, electronica track that begs fans to listen to it. The song is one that moves you solely based on production alone. However, the cut with P!NK, “One Too Many” is a vocally-driven ballad. The duet showcases how well the two singers’ voices blend together in a buttery and soulful jam.

“I spent all my money drinking on my own, yeah / In this bar just sat here, staring at my phone /  And I keep second-guessing where did I go wrong / I know I’m proud, but I’ve had one too many- come take me home”

The bigger picture is apparent in songs like “Polaroid” and “Say Something.” The former captures the bittersweet passing of time through the lens of photographs. The instant-gratification track is all about making choices that are right for your life. The latter, which is arguably one of the most important on the record, “Say Something” is an unequivocal plea to human beings to speak your truth, to stand up for what you believe in, and use your voice as an action tool. In today’s day and age, this is even more crucial, and Urban is taking it upon himself to empower the voiceless.

“From track to track there’s a spirit I’m seeking to capture from beginning to end,” Urban shares about his record, “There’s a fluidity to these songs. It’s multi-dimensional and multi-faceted because truly we have more in common than different.”

The record continues to flow into songs with a simpler message. Love songs like “God Whispered Your Name” and “Ain’t Like A Woman” fit right into Urban’s wheelhouse, as an expression of true love is apparent in his relationship with his beautiful and successful wife, Nicole Kidman. Both of these songs, sonically, will appeal to long-time fans of Urban.

Of course with love, also comes heartbreak. “Superman” and “Change Your Mind” both perpetuate heartbreak in different ways. “Superman” is an upbeat tune that features sad lyrics. Reflecting on a broken relationship, where you felt on top of the world is bittersweet, and Urban expresses this effortlessly. On the other hand, “Change Your Mind” is a slow burn song. It expresses the dissolution of a relationship with brooding and self-deprecating lyrics, backed by just a simple guitar production.

I was the problem, self-sabotaging / You had no option / You had to go when you had to go / And I couldn’t stop it / I was not willing to bend / You said it, again and again, / You need a heart that better fits you”

Overall this record is not going to appeal to one particular fan, it will appeal to the masses. There is a song for everyone on this project, but that is exactly what we have come to love from the superstar. He makes music for the soul, sets higher standards for himself, while ridding himself of any parameters or boundaries, and just creates. Good music is good music and Urban knows it.

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NYCS Picks:

  1. “Say Something”
  2. “One Too Many” (duet with P!NK)
  3. “Change Your Mind”
  4. “Live With”


  1. Out The Cage (featuring Breland and Nile Rodgers)
  2. One Too Many(duet with P!NK)
  3. Live With
  4. Superman
  5. Change Your Mind
  6. Forever
  7. Say Something
  8. Soul Food
  9. Ain’t Like A Woman
  10. With You
  11. Tumbleweed
  12. God Whispered Your Name
  13. Polaroid
  14. Better Than I Am
  15. We Were
  16. We Were (featuring Eric Church)

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