NYCS First Impression: Jessi Alexander ‘Decatur County Red’

By now, you are probably familiarized with Jessi’s Alexander’s work. With a collective 70 hits under her belt such as “The Climb” Miley Cyrus, “I Drive Your Truck” Lee Brice and “Mine Would Be You” Blake Shelton, Decatur County Red is the artist’s first original release since 2014’s Down Here.

Produced by Alexander, Jon Randall, and Leslie Richter and recorded at Zac Brown’s Southern Ground studio with an array of Nashville’s top castings, Decatur County Red is an open letter of the Jackson, Tennessee born singer + songwriter’s most vulnerable and humble makings. This collection of stories compose first tastings of heartbreak and resilience, tap back into the singer’s musical influences and is dedicated to, “the folks that love sad songs, beer joints, pedal steel, and country music,” Alexander expressed in a press release.

Title-track “Decatur County Red” is autobiographical. Every word that drips from Alexander’s lips is authentically lived and bona fide to the singer’s makings. It sustains conventional country customs, brimmed with twangy, outlawish-guitar, inspired by a cabin in Decatur County left to Alexander by her grandmother.

The first single, “Mama Drank,” which she performed for us during our Swag Session was written by Alexander her husband Jon Randall, is an ode to her own actualities of motherhood as a mom-of-three while “Damn Country Music,” recorded by Tim McGraw, depicts the hardships that occupy the road to becoming a country music songwriter in Nashville over silky instrumentation showcasing the singer’s soulful vocals singing: “The hum of wheels on the blacktop // The strum of strings on a flat top // It’s a neon fever for a small-town dreamer // Tells you everything you have that’s worth losin’ // Damn country music // You might get lost in the lights // The things that keep you up all night // Whiskey straight, three AM // Chasin’ songs in your head // It’s the sweetest highs, the lowest lows // Needin’ yes and hearin’ no // Just another so-so // Believe me I know”

“I Should Probably Go Now” shows Alexander’s sultry, vulnerable side as she paints the story of a smokey bar introducing a forbidden love story of infidelity. “Country Music Made Me Do It” featuring powerhouse Randy Houser, encourages a boot-stopping, backyard barnyard aura that incites you to stop everything you’re doing to get up and show what you got. “Lonely Out Of Me” partners up with “I Should Probably Go Now” encompassing the singer’s soft side creating a haunting ambiance while “How I’m Going Out” closes the album. The ladder was recorded by Dierks Bentley on The Mountain. The song welcomes a warm guitar throughout the duration of the song comfortingly accepting fate. She sure as hell will be going out with a legacy. She sings: “And when it’s my turn to jump off this carousel // I’m gonna ride on that white horse and run like hell // Be thankful for the friends I’ve made // The hungry years, the glory days // Give ’em one more song and lay this guitar down // That’s how I’m going out”

Jessi Alexander is used to having her story sung by other singers but now it’s time to showcase her story with her own voice.

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Decatur County Red Tracklist

1. Decatur County Red
2. Mama Drank
3. Damn Country Music
4. I Should Probably Go Now
5. My Problem Is You
6. Country Music Made Me Do It feat. Randy Houser
7. Lonely Out Of Me
8. How I’m Going Out

Decatur County Red is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.



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