Here is Filmore’s Debut Album, ‘State I’m In’

Filmore’s debut album State I’m In is out now. Check out our full First Impression Review of the project and give it a listen below.

Filmore State I'm In

Today marks the day that one of our favorite artists, Filmore drops his debut album State I’m In. The singer-songwriter burst onto the mainstream scene in 2018, and since then, he has mesmerized fans and is taking the music industry by storm. He also found himself snagging a spot on our NYCS 2019 Artists to Watch list! If this 18-song record is any clue of what is in store, Filmore is sure to continue to be one to look out for.

“This album is a look into my life over the last few years. It’s the ups and downs in relationships, experiences from my hometown, life on the road, and living in Nashville,” the singer shares in a recent press release, “I wrote every song from a real and personal place with amazing writers and friends. My hope is that you can listen to the album from start to finish and know who Filmore is by the end.”

The singer’s sentiment perfectly embodies the record. The album features breakup songs that showcase different stages of a dissolution of a relationship and songs that explain how it feels to be so deeply in love with a person and with life. “London” and “Pictures On The Fridge” focus on the bittersweet nostalgia that comes from a breakup. The former takes us through all the places in London that the couple would have gone to together had they stayed together. The latter focuses on all the pictures that are no longer meaningful. Both songs are ironically upbeat for having a sad theme.

“Those 3x5s only remind me what I miss about you / You’re just a memory now, I still can’t take them down / It’s 3AM I’m lost again, damn these pictures on the fridge / These pictures on the fridge” 

“Blue Skies,” “State I’m In,” and “Heart’s Having A Hard Time” focus on the emotions when you are in the thick of a breakup. All three songs convey an honest approach to music, as well as, to what we all feel as humans when we go through hard times. One of our favorites, “Heart’s Having A Hard Time” is especially poignant. It depicts the unique challenges of being the one to end the relationship, equally as painful in different ways.

“Yeah I know I made up my mind / But my heart / My heart’s having a hard”

Continuing to explore the same type of narrative, “W.I.L.D.” takes the idea of a broken relationship to a different level. The acronym, which stands for “when I lay down,” shines a light on the emotions that overtake us at night, when we go to bed and long for an ex-lover. Normalizing these feelings helps us all feel a little closer to the singer.

Of course, the record isn’t all break-up songs. Filmore gives us a power anthem on being single with “Nothing’s Better.” The brand new track reminds us of how good it feels to be confident in who you are.

Nothing’s better than us not together / ‘cause the best kind of me is me without you

Filmore’s debut album also fills our hearts with some promising love songs. “Love That About You,” “Me Lately,” and “Other Girl” depicts a different stage in a relationship. “Love That About You” is a complete jam about falling in love and appreciating all the little things about your significant other. “Me Lately,” tells the story about how the entertainer went through somewhat of metamorphosis when he finally found the love he was looking for. He sings about a special lady giving him the confidence to love himself, all because she loves and accepts him for who he is. Lastly, “Other Girl” is the song for when you realize you have found your forever.

Earlier this year, Filmore joined us a live swag session in New York City where he performed “Love That About You,” “Other Girl”, and “Slower,” before joining us for an interview. Check out the full video below.

Finally, to lace the whole record together, Filmore finds resolution and acceptance with songs like “Country Song,” “My Place,” and the concluding track, “Anyone But Me.” “Country Song” is the singer-songwriter’s ode to country music. It is the song that we can’t wait to hear live and sing along to. Similarly, “My Place” is another song made for the stage. Finally, “Anyone But Me” completes Filmore’s story for his debut album. He ends the record with an honest and truthful anecdote about how his life has changed for the good and for the bad over his nine-year journey in Nashville. The song is able to simultaneously wrap up a cohesive project and leave room for a second chapter in the next record.

Filmore explores the gamut of emotions throughout this record. Each of the eighteen tracks is clearly dosed with a whole lot of Filmore charm. From the lyrics to the production to the order of the tracks, State I’m In proves that Filmore is a talent like no other!

To keep up with Filmore follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

NYCS Picks:

  1. “Anyone But Me”
  2. “Country Song”
  3. “Love That About You”
  4. “W.I.L.D.”


State I’m In Tracklist:

  1. New To This
  2. Slower
  3. Country Song
  4. I.L.D.
  5. State I’m In
  6. Heart’s Having A Hard Time
  7. Blue Skies
  8. Nothing’s Better
  9. Busy
  10. Love That About You
  11. My Place
  12. Other Girl
  13. Pictures On The Fridge
  14. Me Lately
  15. Day Hour Minute
  16. London
  17. Livin Easy
  18. Anyone But Me

State I’m In is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.




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