NYCS First Impression: Delta Rae ‘The Light’

By Micheal Pietrzak

Detla Rae THe Light

The Light is Delta Rae’s first independent album which was funded by the Kickstarter campaign. The band managed to raise $450K with $30K coming in 30 minutes. Formed in 2009 as a four-piece around the talents of siblings Ian, Eric and Brittany Holljes, along with Elizabeth Hopkins, the North Carolina-based band expanded to a sextet the following year with the additions of Mike McKee and Grant Emerson. For more about the way the band formed, head to our Swag Spotlight from 2018, here.

“We started Delta Rae ten years ago to create magic through our music and story-telling. We are a band of six best friends, with four singers and three siblings. After five years of waiting to release a studio album, we wanted our next project to fully capture both our joyful, gospel-inflicted anthems but also the mysterious, southern gothic dreamscapes that have always characterized our sound”, they explain on their website.

Delta Rae’s album The Light is like a warm breeze in the spring, the drop of water during a drought, the light that shines bright in dark times. Especially now the world needs such a positive-sounding album. If you have 40 minutes of free time, spend them on listening to The Light. The whole record has positive melodies and rhythms but some songs have melancholic lyrics, it leaves you with mixed emotion because you don’t whether you should be sad or happy. “Take Me There” is a great example of positive tones and rhythms but the lyrics tell the story of longing and frustration. “No One Will Miss Me” is about a loss and end of a relationship but tunes pass along a ray of hope for better tomorrow. The project also features songs that spread joy. “Any Better Than This” is simply an ode to joy and “Back To The Garden” is about the places that make us feel good and happy. 

Everything has an ending, even such a unique and excellent album. It ends with the calm tracks that make you want to listen to more Delta Rae songs but unfortunately, you have to wait a year for The Dark album a mysterious, witchy and raw sister record.  

Concluding, The Light is something different and refreshing and the band’s exceptional harmonies bring optimism to the darkest of times. 

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The Light is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music on our “New Country Music” playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.



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