NYCS First Impression: Bailey Bryan ‘Perspective’

Bailey Bryan EP

It’s officially Fall, the season of shifting and change. Nashville based singer/songwriter Bailey Bryan is embracing this whole-heartedly, as she celebrates the release of her sophomore EP, Perspective, out today, October 11th. “I’m trying to allow myself the space to experiment, whether it’s the sound of my music or the things I wear, to figure out who I am and how to be true to me,” Bryan shared in a recent press release.

This statement rings true on “Perspective”, as she blends her pop influences with a country sound. The EP opens up with previously-released “Songbird” which was co-written by the songstress along with songwriter turned artist Michael Hardy, along with Dennis Matkosky. The guitar compliments Bryan’s vocals perfectly as she sings, “I am just a songbird/trying to find my way”. It’s a quintessential opening track- it asks the questions the rest of the EP explores.

She follows it with “Where We Started”, a song about a relationship that is on the rails that she wants to save. It’s poppy and singer-songwriter at the same time, a seamless transition from country to a more pop-heavy sound. This song has real hit potential, as it’s relatable and catchy at the same time.

The title track “Perspective” is next, and instead of including the original single put out at the beginning of 2019, she included the demo. This song is Bryan’s mission statement, and it marks her official transition to pop music. “Now I got a new perspective/All ’cause you respected / Finally liking what I see”, she sings on the soaring chorus.

Next is the fourth song “Watered Down”, which is the standout of the 5 song EP. It’s Nashville writing at it’s finest: it’s vulnerable, authentic and memorable. “You get a lot of people telling you things like, ‘You’re great. What you do is cool.” Bryan explains. “But the way to make [this relationship] work would be to tone yourself down.”  The production is low key, but perfect for the message of the song. It’s filled with synths and balanced out with some guitar, adding to the elements of her pop/singer-songwriter identity.

The EP closes with anthemic “Pressure”. “There’s this weight on us—when you’re scrolling through social media or talking to your parents or comparing yourself to your friends—to know exactly who you are and to present yourself as if you’re having the time of your life,” Bryan explains. “[It] really sums up my last couple of years.”

Transitioning and melding one genre into a different one can be tricky for some artists. For Bryan, it was the most natural thing she could have done. Her songwriting remains honest throughout, writing each of the songs on the project and it seems that the songbird herself finally found her voice. She should be proud because this is her best work yet.

Bryan’s second EP, Perspective, is out now. Catch her on her upcoming “Perspective” limited-club tour next month. For more info and tour dates head to

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