NYCS First Impression: Cassadee Pope ‘Stages’


Leaving her record label in 2017, Cassadee Pope just released her anticipated, vulnerable album stages as an independent artist. The record includes 11 tracks, 8 co-written by Pope, giving a personal look into her life over the past year.

The singles she released prior to the album release, “Take You Home,” “One More Red Light”, and “If My Heart Had A Heart” was just a glimpse of what has finally arrived. Her catchy track “FYI” shows a sassy, fierce side to the album. The lyrics focus on how she won’t bite her tongue on this “boy trying to make girl jealous” situation. The melody built up in the lyrics “While he was flyin’ you to Vegas and all our favorite places / Always runnin’ ‘round with each other / He was sayin’ that he missed me, and damn girl you look pretty / I don’t think you’d like how he was lookin’ at me,” Pope unleashes the power of her voice and fiery side she’s taking on.

Her catchy track “Distracted,” was penned with some of Pope’s talented friends and fellow artists Lauren Alaina, Lindsay Ell, and RaeLynn.  This playful love song has a groovy, country twang feel that makes the song a highlight on the album. Other songs on the album including “Don’t Ask Me” and “I Feel Good” are the most relatable track for anyone going through a breakup. They’re vulnerable, real, and personable. Pope also included “Gavi” an emotional tribute to one of her close friends and musician, Jason Gaviati, who passed away in 2015. The 90-second track includes Gaviati playing a heart-wrenching piano melody that hits close to home.

Pope’s new album stages is an inspiring, personal record that’s worth the listen. Make sure to catch Pope out on the CMT New Women Of Country Tour 2019 to see her perform these beautifully penned tracks.


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