NYCountry Swag’s 35 Signs Your Heart Beats For Country Music

“Without [country] music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Country Song

  1. Your favorite radio country morning show is better than coffee.
  2. It takes you less than 24 hours to memorize every word to a newly released single.
  3. You can’t possibly pick a favorite song because you have hundreds.
  4. You have a go-to playlists for every mood and every occasion.
  5. Your Twitter feed is all country lyrics.
  6. Wherever you’re from, Nashville feels like home.
  7. You’ll drive ANY distance to catch your favorite artist in concert.
  8. Or spend an entire paycheck on VIP passes or front row seats.
  9. You never make plans on CMA or ACM awards nights.
  10. You have multiple album copies because you listen so often you wear through CDs.
  11. Country music is the only thing that can cure even the worst day.
  12. You back up your computer/phone obsessively to make sure you don’t lose any music.
  13. You can name your first concert and the first album you ever bought.
  14. And you’ve probably spent more on tour merch than you’ll spend on your first house.
  15. Your favorite gifts to receive are all country music-related.
  16. Road trips are the best excuse to listen for hours uninterrupted.
  17. You have or have considered getting country lyrics tattooed on your body.
  18. When a friend is going through something, you make them a country playlist.
  19. You burst into song when your favorite song comes on in a public place.
  20. You do your best thinking when you have music in the background.
  21. The perfect chorus hits you right in the feels.
  22. And an epic bridge can give you chills.
  23. You’ve actually made lasting friendships in the crowd at a country concert.
  24. If someone says they don’t like country you stare because you couldn’t have heard right.
  25. You’re incapable of going an entire day without listening.
  26. Country music has gotten you through some of the toughest times in your life.
  27. You already know what song you want to dance to at your wedding, and it’s country.
  28. Anyone who listens to country is an instant friend.
  29. And anyone who hates on it is an instant enemy.
  30. You know every word to more songs than you can possibly count.
  31. The shower is your personal country karaoke stage.
  32. So is the car.
  33. You know what country album would be the soundtrack of your life.
  34. The answer to “OMG have you heard _______’s new song?” is always yes.
  35. And finally, you would be completely lost without country music.




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