It’s HAPPENING. New Taylor Swift: “ME!” ft. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco

Fans of country-pop icon, Taylor Swift quickly turned into FBI agents as the singer-songwriter dropped several clues leading up to what one could only assume would be a new music release. As her Instagram was filled with colorful pastel images, the number 426 was posted across socials, and a countdown clock replaced the homepage on her website, Swifties began to spectulate what the encrypted messages could mean.

As the clock turned into it’s final hours of the countdown earlier today, fans in Nashville began to gather at a new butterfly mural in The Gulch area where rumor spread that Swift herself would make a pop-up appearance.

Just as suspected, the country-pop star appeared at the mural just before noon giving fans the opportunity to take selfies and confirmed that there would be another clue leading up to the big news later in the day. Swift told fans to tune into ABC tonight where she would be joining Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts live from Nashville to share more information.

Hours later, during the broadcast of the NFL Draft, which was being hosted live from Nashville, Swift appeared in between draft picks to take viewers on a tour of Music City. The video package showed Swift in a car driving through Nashville stopping at her high school, Sony ATV publishing, as well as the famed Bluebird Cafe where she was first discovered.

The clip ended with Swift joining Roberts where she confirmed that not only was new music coming tonight at midnight, but a music video, too! To further elaborate, Swift included that the brand new single from the forthcoming highly anticipated seventh studio album would be titled, “ME!” and will feature Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie.

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