Neon Union: ‘Double Wide Castle Sessions’ EP Review

Neon Union shares brand new EP, Double Wide Castle Sessions, out now, July 21st on all streaming platforms.  Listen to the new EP now.

One of country music’s newest rising duos, Neon Union (Andrew Millsaps and Leo Brooks) is officially releasing their brand new debut EP, Double Wide Castle Sessions. The record features five songs that distinctly showcase their individual and collective talents as vocalists and songwriters.

Each of the five songs play to the duo’s never-ending list of strengths. The record kicks off with “Redneck Rich.” On the single, Neon Union celebrates loving life no matter how “rich” you are. The song is a true anthem for the blue-collar person, but invites anyone who loves the country lifestyle in with open arms. “Redneck Rich” is a fun-loving anthem that is stage-ready. “How You Don’t” is another true anthem off the record that comes later in the project.

The unique production  and killer story-telling continue on the next song of the EP. “This Thing” is a special-kind of love song. Neon Union once again bring a relatable, yet celebratory vibe to their music. On “This Thing,” the men appear confident and ready to commit.

“This thing has kinda got a ring // Like the pretty one down at the diamond shop // This thing is kinda pink champagne // And a cake with me and the bride on top // It’s a little white church in June // With a couple of tickets to a Cozumel honeymoon // On a big jet plane with the same last name, say I do // And baby lets do this thing”

On “Country Radio Song,” Neon Union slows things down a bit, while still drawing in the listener. The song is the perfect combination of relatability and authenticity. The vulnerable nature of wanting to spin your person around, while listening to a country song is both heartfelt and real, two qualities that Neon Union often bring to their music.

Neon Union end the record with one of our favorites off the project, “American Dirt.” The project is the one-true slow jam on the record. While all of the songs have heart and depth, “American Dirt” leads the pack. A true story of resilience, the track is a true ode to both country living and the people that do not give up no matter what obstacles are in their way. Neon Union proves both their songwriting prowess and incredible vocals on this one-of-a-kind new song.

Double Wide Castle Sessions EP is an incredible body of work for Neon Union. Unapologetically sticking to who they are and what they have to say, the debut EP is a perfect introduction to their rising talent.

Double Wide Castle Sessions EP Track List:

  1. Redneck Rich
  2. This Thing
  3. Country Radio Song
  4. How You Don’t
  5. American Dirt

Neon Union shares brand new EP, ‘Double Wide Castle Sessions,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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