Nashvillains: ‘Tumbling Down’ – Album Review

Nashvillains debut album, Tumbling Down is out now, March 4th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new album below.

Nashvillains are an act you are going to want to remember! Comprised of Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, and Brett Boyett, the trio just released their debut record. The country-rock album, Tumbling Down is out now.

Chock-full of incredible songs, Tumbling Down is one of the most unique records out there right now. Unlike most records in the country genre, the album is meant to be listened to from start to finish. According to the band members, “It’s a concept album, so there’s an overall story and an arc to the entire album, so each song relates to the next one.” Band member, Lindsey adds, Our original inspiration was to tell a story about a man that has made bad decisions that have sent his life into a downward spiral. In three simple words, the album is beautiful, dramatic, and classic.”

The record kicks off with the track, “Devil Don’t Sleep.” The song depicts the struggles the protagonist is going through – feeling like a song straight out of a movie. The album progresses to the next two songs, “Standing In The Fire” and the title track and lead single, “Tumbling Down.” The former is an eerie slow burn. Johnson’s vocals are haunting in the best way possible. Similarly, “Tumbling Down” is a ballad that depicts the depths a person can fall to. Additionally, the instrumentation on this song is a darker version of more traditional country music.

“Every road is just a lonely old blacktop // Heading someplace you’ve already been // Pound of dust on your shoes // Sunburn on your neck // And memories in your head you can’t forget // Oooh oooh ooh”

The Nashvillains continue to play with the instrumentation on the groovy, blues-heavy, “Baby Keeps Killing Me.” On “Bonita,” the group members introduce a gothic, yet Latin flair to their already enticing project.

The band members continue to play with their songs both melodically and sonically on “There To Catch Me” and “Love Is Pain.” The former brings it back to traditional country music, while keeping the dark and deep guitars throughout the rhythm. The latter broadens the rock music elements of the record.

The album concludes with “Chickasaw Bayou” and “Don’t Let Me Hang.” On “Chickasaw Bayou,” the Nashvillains’ declare an end to the suffering expressed throughout the tracks before. “Don’t Let Me Hang” is a plea to God to bring salvation and end to the suffering. Although dark, the song is the perfect way to end the cohesive and incredible story that unfolded throughout the record.

Overall the Nashvillains debut record is a unique masterpiece. The trio managed to create a project that is delightfully unlike anything else in the genre right now. The instrumentation, the lyrics, the story-telling, and the relatability are all top-notch. Congrats to Nashvillains on their killer debut!

Tumbling Down Tracklist:

  1. “Devil Don’t Sleep” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, and Brett Boyett)
  2. “Standing In The Fire” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, Brett Boyett)
  3. “Tumbling Down” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, Brett Boyett)
  4. “Baby Keeps Killing Me” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, Brett Boyett)
  5.  “Bonita” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, Brett Boyett)
  6. “There To Catch Me” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, Brett Boyett)
  7. Love Is Pain” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, Brett Boyett)
  8. “Chickasaw Bayou” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, Brett Boyett)
  9. “Don’t Let Me Hang” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, Brett Boyett)

Nashvillains debut album, ‘Tumbling Down’ is out now.

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