Mike Ryan Releases Breakup Anthem “Can Down”

Mike Ryan’s new song “Can Down” is available today, April 9th, on all streaming platforms. Written by Ryan with Brent Anderson, Smith Ahnquist, and Will Weatherly, take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the track.

Comparing his situation as one between the popular phrase ‘a rock and a hard place’, Swag Spotlight artist alumn, Mike Ryan says it’s more like being betweena case of rolling rock and a heartache” in “Can Down”, and he chooses the prior. He’s refusing to let this heartbreak get to him more than it already has, insinuating that he would rather drink away the pain with no can left behind, than let the 5’2” blue-eyed girl take away his Saturday nights too. 

“I Pick one up, crack it open, put it to my lips // I tip it back, take a sip, cause if // It’s gonna be my heart or these double R’s // crushed up on the ground // can down”

After a long year without live music, Ryan, a Texas-based artist, where he was born and raised has finally got some tour dates on the calendar as concerts return. Check out the full list of shows here

Mike Ryan's new song "Can Down" is available now, April 9th

Mike Ryan’s new song “Can Down” is available now, April 9th

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“Can Down” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.