Madeline Merlo: ‘Slide’ – EP Review

Madeline Merlo’s new EP, Slide, is out now, September 23rd on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project below and check out our full review.

Canadian star, Madeline Merlo is ready to make her name and talent known in the American country music landscape. After winning her episode of the songwriting show, Songland, the singer-songwriter knew she had what it took to up the ante. Today, Merlo drops her new EP, simply titled, Slide.

In just four songs, the songstress manages to showcase her songwriting chops and her killer vocals. The title track, written by Merlo with Zach Crowell, Jerry Flowers, and Sam Hunt is our first taste of the record. Although originally developed for Hunt, the writers knew the song would be better from a woman’s perspective. Merlo was clearly the right woman for the job.

“Baby I don’t care // It’s me and you, either way,// Let’s watch the night slide into yesterday”

The singer continues to share female stories throughout the EP. On “YOUNG-ish,” Merlo stakes her claim in her womanhood – encouraging all of us to challenge the misconception that everyone’s path should be the same. An anthemic track, Merlo delivers it just as well as anyone in the industry could.

On our favorite song off the project, “Girl Where He Grew Up,” the singer shares an all-too-relatable story about being the girl before the guy gets his stuff together. We all know what it feels like to be the girl before the next. “Girl Where He Grew Up” is a story about teaching a guy how to love his next girlfriend better.

“You can thank me if that boy knows how to love // I’m the girl where he grew up // I bet out of the blue, he tells you you’re pretty // I bet he checks in when he’s out late with his buddy // I bet his eyes don’t wander when he’s drinking a whisky // Yeah he learned it the hard way, the moment he lost me”

The record wraps up with the final song on the project, “I Need A Drink.” Written by the singer with incredible songwriters, Zach Crowell, Ashley Gorley, and Hillary Lindsey, the song is all about the hope we feel when we meet a new love interest. The song is pure, honest, and catchy.

Merlo knocks it out of the park with her Slide EP. Each and every song is methodically placed. It is the perfect introduction for new fans and audiences in American country music.

Madeline Merlo – Slide EP Tracklist:

  1. “Slide” (Madeline Merlo, Zach Crowell, Jerry Flowers, Sam Hunt)
  2.  “YOUNG-ish” (Madeline Merlo, Zach Crowell, Josh Osborne, Jerry Flowers)
  3. “Girl Where He Grew Up” (Madeline Merlo, Nathan Chapman, Jon Nite)
  4. “I Need A Drink” (Madeline Merlo, Zach Crowell, Ashley Gorley, Hillary Lindsey)

Madeline Merlo’s brand new EP, ‘Slide’ is out now.

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