Madeline Consoer: ‘LITTLE MISS’ – EP Review

Madeline Consoer’s EP, LITTLE MISS, is out now, December 16th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand-new project below and check out our full review.

Earlier this year, we introduced you to singer-songwriter, Madeline Consoer. The sassy songstress is both talented and tenacious, creating music her fans can relate to. Today, Consoer is kicking off her new era of music with her brand new EP, LITTLE MISS.

The five-song sampler kicks off with the title track, “Little Miss.” Consoer digs her heels in, as she sings about the two-faced Nashville girls that she has encountered throughout her career. Every girl can relate to those wishy-washy friends and those mean girls.

“Little Miss two-faced // Why you love to hate me? // Told me we were cool // But I guess that it was all fake // Heard you called me crazy // To everyone that ain’t me // If you got a problem honey // Comе say it to my face // Little Miss two-faced”

Consoer keeps the energy up with the next song on the record. “Running Into A Heartbreak” is an infectious, pop-country song all about dealing with one heartbreak after another. Despite thinking this guy was the right one, it still just did not work. Her honesty and vulnerability is on full display on this track.

On “Heaven,” the songstress shows off her sweet and sentimental side. Similarly on the ballad, “Love Me Like That,” Consoer bares her soul and her heart, expressing how it feels to be loved despite her flaws. The song is a true stand-out on the EP.

The record culminates with the fifth and final track on the record, “Drinking To You.” Another standout, the track feels confident and relatable, despite the lyrical content. Overall, LITTLE MISS is a great re-introduction to Consoer’s rising talent.

Madeline Consoer LITTLE MISS EP Tracklist:

  1. Little Miss
  2. Running Into A Heartbreak
  3. Heaven
  4. Love Me Like That
  5. Drinking To You

Madeline Consoer’s new EP, ‘LITTLE MISS’ is out now.

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