Luke Combs Shares New Song Inspired By A Fan’s Tweet

As Luke Combs prepares for his highly anticipated third studio album, he’s giving fans a sneak peek with new, unreleased tracks that just may make their way to the project. Inspired by a fan’s tweet, “We Still Drink Beer” is Combs’ latest surprise.

As always, there is no one quite like Luke Combs in the entertainment industry and when superfan, Billy McKee sent a tweet to the superstar, Combs did what he does best – wrote a song.

Sharing a photo of his wedding day, McKee added, “Man @MillerLite and @lukecombs if you guys don’t reply back to this photo I don’t even know what to say!! This was my wedding this Saturday March 27!” The photo shows McKee down on one knee, drinking a beer with a Miller Lite box over his head, while his groomsmen surround him, drinking Miller Lite as well.

Luke Combs new, unreleased track was inspired by Combs fan, Billy McKee's Wedding Tweet

Luke Combs’ new, unreleased track was inspired by Combs fan, Billy McKee’s Wedding Tweet

Less than 48 hours later, not only did McKee receive a tweet back from the singer-songwriter, but Combs also shared a brand new song inspired by the photo. Sharing the song to social media, Combs added, “It’s on your wedding day, I believe, and you’re down on one knee with a beer box on your head, and all your buddies are around you drinking beers, and it kind of just inspired this song.” Before performing an acoustic version of the song alongside his co-writers, Combs adds “I know I have a lot of beer songs, but here’s another one.”

“We Still Drink Beer” comes just days after Combs shared another new, unreleased song on social media called, “See Me Now,” giving fans a sneak peek at album number three.

While “See Me Now” touched our heartstrings, “We Still Drink Beer” is a jam. The latter is all about how crazy life gets, but that at the end of the day, we’re going to choose a cold one. The song is reminiscent of Combs’ hits “Beer Never Broke My Heart” and “When It Rains It Pours,” but the vocals are even more elevated and incredible if that’s even possible. “One small step for man, cold beer for all mankind,” Cheers to that Luke!

“We’d still drink beer // We’d still get loud // We’d still turn up // Catch us a buzz, while the sun goes down // Til every last drop in the world is gone or the good Lord calls us home // Cause as long as we’re down here // We still drink beer”

In just a few short days, Combs has reminded us that he can pretty much sing and write anything. He will continue to give us vulnerable songs and fun, party songs a pair we just cannot get enough of. We cannot wait for the next one!

Luke Combs drops new, unreleased track, "We Still Drink Beer"

Luke Combs drops new, unreleased track, “We Still Drink Beer”

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