Lauren Jenkins and The Wild Feathers Perform in NYC

Lauren Jenkins / The Wild Feathers

Texas-born, Carolina-raised singer-songwriter Lauren Jenkins transformed Gramercy Theatre into an intimate sharing experience with a lot of laughs for those in attendance. The Big Machine Records singer opened for The Wild Feathers and kept it real with the audience, removing all walls that could hide her vulnerability. Having been a touring artist since she was 15, she’s gone through so much, and that life experience is evident in her songs, without sparing any details.

Her ‘tell it like it is’ personality had her instantly admired, and the crowd, somewhat unfamiliar with Jenkins, immediately related to her. She lived in New York for a time, and was extremely glad to be back, saying it felt like home. She opened with her cover of Ella Fitzgerald’s “Summertime”, followed by the popular “Give up the Ghost”. Her folk style with the acoustic guitar and memorable lyrics created instant new fans. She told the stories of bad habits which came to be “Maker’s Mark, Marlboros, and You”, and the story of looking at her bank account and sparking the idea for “Pay Day”. She got the crowd to sing the last verse, laughing, saying “I have not gotten paid from this song yet, but here’s to hoping.”

The next song she played, also the title of her debut record, “No Saint”, tells her personal story of not being able to forgive someone even though she knows she should.  She goes on to tell the story of a too-long relationship she had in Charleston with a guy who cheated on her and brought a girl to the bar she was bartending at. “My Bar” describes how she kicked him out of the bar, and then wrote a song about it. “Moral of the story is don’t be a jerk, especially to a bartender, or a songwriter, and tip your bartenders.” This story got some cheers from the crowd and everyone on her side.

She finished her set with the track with the same title as her short film, “Running Out of Road”. She said, “Sometimes the road is long and you have to go on the dirt and make your own path.” This speaks to her grit and commitment to her own path and following where the music leads her. Overall, Jenkins connected with the audience and had everyone singing along by the second chorus of every song, even if they didn’t originally know the lyrics. She has the openness as well as the vocals to make a huge contribution to the music scene, and we’re excited to see how she continues to leave her mark.

The Wild Feathers Lauren Jenkins

The Wild Feathers started their set off slowly with “Lonely is a Lifetime”. The harmonies of this song were so intriguing, creating a captivating experience. They followed with tons of energy during “American”. The fans were already ready, singing along and many isolated cheers of “You’re awesome!” accompanied by loud whistles. Their voices blended well together, with their eyes closing, lost in the feel of the music. The guitar solos brought a rock vibe to the group that everyone cheered for.

“Quittin’ Time” has a strong beat and a nice rock to it. These lyrics were easy to catch on for any new fans. “Wildfire” has more of a laid back vibe, talking about burning everywhere they pass like a wildfire. The band hadn’t performed their own show in a while and was excited to be back in New York. The crowd definitely consisted of some serious fans who knew every word, and the band definitely delivered.

Showcasing songs from their latest release, Greetings From the Neon Frontier, the band who has been together for almost a decade flawlessly performed their biggest hits for a room full of fans. Their ability and their catchy songs had the room captivated all night.

Keep up with Lauren Jenkins on social media – FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Keep up with The Wild Feathers on social media – FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


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