Lauren Duski Tells Her Grandparents’ Love Story In “The Weather” Video

Lauren Duski The Weather

Music is an art form that can serve many purposes. Whether it be to give listeners a new song to blast with the windows down or to honor someone important in your life, few songs are quite as powerful as those that tell a true story. This is exactly what Lauren Duski did in her touching, self-filmed, home video and picture filled music video for her song “The Weather (Grandpa’s Song)”.

This song was first released in February along with her EP Midwestern Girl. Through the lyrics of this song, Duski touches on a very sad time in her life when she lost her grandmother in 2017, and the effect that it had on herself and her family during the holiday season, especially her grandfather who is lost in a world without her. However, the music video for this song is what really makes the track as special and moving as it is.

The 5-minute long music video is shot, edited and directed by Duski, with the majority of the content coming straight from her iPhone 8 to give that raw, authentic and personal feel. Each scene in the video is accompanied by subtitles that tell her grandparents’ one of a kind love story that prevailed despite anything that came its way. Going back to when they first met, she explains how her grandfather had had a girlfriend at the time her grandmother, Una, developed an interest in him and how he actually rejected her three different times. “Apparently Grandpa Duski was a chick magnet?”, Duski lightheartedly shares while telling their story.

In the beginning of the video, there is a scene that she filmed of her Grandpa talking about how much he misses his wife, and saying “During the night I chat with her, which I know it sounds crazy but, there’s nobody on the other end, but it feels good though”, right after Duski sharing “I realized there was something even more heartbreaking than losing her, watching my Grandpa live in a world without her.”

The concept and significance behind this song is something that everyone can empathize with, as we all live in a world where there comes a day that we lose a grandparent or an older relative that meant the world to us. Duski manages to take something so sad and turn it into a beautiful and intimate tribute to her grandmother and the love that her grandparents both shared.

If you aren’t choked up approaching the end of the video, the ending will surely get you. The video ends with a voicemail that her grandmother left her thanking her for a card and saying she loves her, accompanied by home videos of them together playing in the background, and finally, a picture of her grandparents captioned, “In Loving Memory of our Angel, Una Mary Duski.”

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