Lainey Wilson’s Song “Wildflowers And Wild Horses” Goes Number One

Lainey Wilson goes number one at country radio with her song, “Wildflowers And Wild Horses.” Learn all the details here.

Lainey Wilson in an absolute superstar in country music. She is a talented vocalist and songwriter, as well as, one of the most fun entertainers to see live. So far in her career, she has been recognized for her talent both at award shows and at country radio. Today, she adds to her catalog of hits with “Wildflowers And Wild Horses” going number one at country radio this week.

Written by Wilson with Trannie Anderson and Paul Sikes, “Wildflowers And Wild Horses” is a song about perseverance. A beautiful anecdotal song about western living, Wilson is the perfect person to bring the song and its imagery to life. It is no wonder that “Wildflowers And Wild Horses” became another hit single for Wilson at country radio.

“I’m five generations of blazin’ a trail // Through barb-wired valleys and overgrown dells // I’m barefoot and bareback and born tough as nails // Whoa, whoa, whoa // I’m four-fifths of reckless and one-fifth of jack // I push like a daisy through old sidewalk cracks // Yeah, my kinda crazy’s still runnin’ its courses with // Wildflowers and wild horses”

Congratulations to Wilson and her team on their accomplishment. We are excited to see what song becomes Wilson’s next number one!

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