Laci Kaye Booth: Self-titled Debut EP – Review

Laci Kaye Booth’s debut self-titled EP is out today, August 6th, on all streaming platforms. Check out our full review and listen to the new music below.

Earlier this week we introduced you to a new singer-songwriter that we are loving. Laci Kaye Booth is a name you are going to want to remember. The American Idol contestant has transformed her AI fame into a promising career for herself in country music. Today, Booth released her debut major-label self-titled EP, Laci Kaye Booth.

With eight songs, the songstress showcases her talent, her beautiful voice, and her songwriting chops. Each track conveys different sides of her artistry and influences. Every song feels straight from the heart as if the lyrics were ripped straight from Booth’s diary.

The opening track, “Used To You”, makes a quiet, yet beautiful entrance. The song conveys a relationship that is comfortable and steady; despite, the fact that things are not as good as they used to be. It feels bittersweet and comforting at the same time.

“Don’t know what I’d do // You’re the road that I know // Your name sounds like home automatic // I’m a creature of habit // And how could I ever undo the way that I’m used to you”

On “Broken Heart Still Beats” Booth sings about heartbreak. The song features the incredible Charles Kelley, adding dimension to the already exquisite song. As a listener, you will hang on to every word that Booth and Kelley sing. The songstress proves her storytelling ability as each lyric unfolds.

Booth showcases her voice in a different way on the next track, “On The Fence.” With a similar indecisiveness, the singer shows off her personality in the song. The track screams pop country, as is perfect for the singer’s quiet and ethereal voice. She conveys the message behind being sure of a person, even though you are usually unsure of a lot of things. Similarly, “Shuffle” is another more upbeat song on the record. Leaning into the Stevie Nicks influence that Booth often talks about, “Shuffle” is a song for the ladies. We especially love how the songstress namedrops many great country songs on the incredible tune.

The record melds into another somber song thereafter. “If He Would’ve Stayed” is one of the most mesmerizing songs on the album. The simple instrumentation allows Booth’s voice to be on full display. The emotive heartbreak song is hard not to feel deeply. Anyone who has ever suffered a loss of any kind will find solace in this track.

“Would I follow my heart even if its heart // If he would’ve stayed // Would I have all these questions // Like God how could he leave // and just do what I please // If he would’ve stayed”

Lastly, “Heart of Texas” sits as the final song on the EP. A Texas native, Booth pays homage to her home state with this killer ballad. The song feels like it is straight off of The Marfa Tapes by Miranda Lambert in the best possible way.

Overall, Booth has such unique artistry. Fans are sure to flock to her for that reason and many others. Congrats to the singer on a solid debut project!

Laci Kaye Booth's debut EP is out now, August 6th

Laci Kaye Booth’s debut EP is out now, August 6th

Laci Kaye Booth CollectionEP Tracklist:

  1. Used To You
  2. On The Fence
  3. Treasure
  4. Broken Heart Still Beats (ft. Charles Kelley)
  5. Shuffle
  6. If He Would’ve Stayed
  7. Visions
  8. Heart of Texas

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