Kidd G: ‘Down Home Boy: Gone Since Last October (Deluxe)’ – Album Review

Kidd G’s debut album Down Home Boy: Gone Since Last October (Deluxe) is out now, December 24th, on all streaming platforms. Check out our full review and listen to the brand new music below.

With almost one million followers on TikTok alone, Kidd G is leading the pack in this new wave of country music. His eclectic sound and honesty is attracting fans across the world. Today, the singer released his the deluxe version of his full-length album, Down Home Boy: Gone Since Last October.

Featuring eighteen original songs, the artist, whose real name is Jonathan Gabriel Horne, is a writer on all of the tracks. Kidd G features the four brand new songs first on the project. They include “I Don’t Wanna,” Last October,” “Use A Drink,” and “Only 16.” The singer co-wrote each of the four new tracks.

The first song is a fun-loving, jam that will resonate with the singer’s fanbase. The vibe continues you on “Use A Drink.” “Last October,” one of our favorite new songs is a song similar to the honest of Morgan Wallen’s “Livin’ The Dream.” The honesty continues on “Only 16.”

The project continues with some of the songs that started it all for the singer, including “Down Home Boy,” and “Paper Hearts (F-150).” The former is an ode to his upbringing, a common theme on the record. On the other hand, the latter is an introspective song that has fans flocking to him.

“Paper hearts in the glovebox of my F-150 (F-150) // And I might just take one out and light it up // And throw it out the window //Because I’m tipsy”

Similarly, Kidd G’s previously released song “Summer In A Small Town” has become a fan-favorite. The new song has summer romance, fun, and living the good life written all over it. Visually appealing both lyrically and within the music video, Kidd G makes every listener want to live in a small town. His country boy vocals are on full display in this fun-loving and sweet country song.

Kidd G leans into his romantic side even more on “What It’s Like,” “I Think I Love Her,” and “Ordinary Girl.” “What It’s Like” is a clever confession of liking someone. He utilizes country music staples with lyrics like “how does it feel to have a country boy’s heart racing,” as he professes his love for a special someone. On “I Think I Love Her,” the singer expresses his adoration and love for a girl yet again. If the first two songs are precursors to love, “Ordinary Girl” is a true-blue declaration of true love in a more modern and funky approach.

Leaning into his emo-music roots, “If Heaven Had A Phone” is one of the most poignant songs off the project. Anyone who has ever lost someone and missed someone can relate to this heartfelt and touching single. Kidd G leans into the vulnerability again on “Whiskey & Wine,” a fan-favorite song.

Kidd G puts words to a different kind of heartbreak on “Break Up Song.” The song starts off melancholy, but quickly reminds us of all the things that are waiting for us on the other side of a break-up. He is all of us on this catchy tune.

“The truth is I don’t believe a word that you said // The hard part is that I knew that you’re gone // The worst part is that I gotta move on // Yeah, the worst part is that I even had to make this song // Cheers to a break-up song”

On “Folks Back Home,” Kidd G clearly shares his story of growing up in the country. He shows pride for his small-town upbringing yet again. Finally, the record wraps with the pensive song, “Last Call.” Kidd G struggles with his demons from a broken relationship on the moody, yet captivating song.

Overall, Kidd G’s debut release is like nothing you have ever listened to before. And that’s a good thing! Clearly influenced by hip-hop, emo, and country music, Kidd G’s sound is one that’s all of his own. Fans should definitely give this record a listen.

Down Home Boy: Gone Since Last October Official Track List:
  1. “I Don’t Wanna” | Morgan O’Connor, William Keating, Michael Robinson, Jake Saghi, Blake Redferrin, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  2. “Last October” | Mike Woods, Kevin White, Marc Scibilia, Jake Saghi, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  3. “Use A Drink” | Juan Guerrieri-Maril, Nicole Spooner, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  4. “Only 16” | Nicholas Thompson, Jake Mark Sordelet, Joseph Boyden, Jacob Saghi, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  5.  “Down Home Boy” | Chris Destefano, Rhett Atkins, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  6. “Paper Hearts (F-150)” | Jesse Frasure, Ernest Smith, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  7. “What It’s Like” | Kyle Fishman, Ben Hayslip, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  8. “If Heaven Had A Phone” | Bonnie Dymond, Jake Saghi, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  9. “2000 & IDK” | Johann Elliot, Bonnie Dymond, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  10. “Break Up Song” | Simon Jonasson, Nicole Spooner, Juan Guerrieri-Maril, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  11. “Whiskey & Wine” | Bonnie Dymond, Christopher Luc Nyhus, Dantavius Walker, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  12. “I Think I Love Her” | John Charles Reno Prentice, Jake Rose, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  13. “Summer In A Small Town” | John Thomas “J.T.” Harding, Rhett Atkins, Jacob Rice, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  14. “Ordinary Girl” | Morgan O’Connor, William Keating, Blake Hubbard, Jarrod Ingram, Jacob Saghi, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  15. “UNKNWN Number” | Bonnie Dymond, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  16. “You Could Use Me” | Bonnie Dymond, Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  17. “Folks Back Home” | Bonnie Dymond, Lawrence Stoll, Ryan Jeffrey Anderson,  Jonathan Gabriel Horne
  18. “Last Call” | Bonnie Dymond, Jonathan Gabriel Horne

Kidd G released a deluxe version of his debut album, out now.

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Down Home Boy: Gone Since Last October (Deluxe), is available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.