Kelsey Hart: ‘Life With You’ – Debut Album Review

Kelsey Hart shares debut album, Life With You, out now, May 31st, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new project below.

With fifteen new tracks, Kelsey Hart’s debut album, Life With You, is a glimpse into the country newcomer’s life and upbringing. For the Kentucky native, the collection takes listeners on a journey through love and loss and everything in-between.

Signed to Curb Records, the singer-songwriter will make his Opry debut on June 28, and it’s only a matter of time before his songs are blaring from every radio station in the U.S. From the opening notes of the earwormy “Burn My Summer” to the closing notes of the anthemic “Country in Business,” Hart is ready to make a name for himself.

“Burn My Summer” is an immediate standout, a catchy mid-tempo ode to summer love, which finds him realizing that his relationship is fleeting, but accepting of that fate. It’s an earwormy summer anthem, as he sings “Baby, burn my summer // Take my time // Put a match to it // Set it on fire // Kiss by kiss // Night by night // ‘Til we kiss the whole thing goodbye // Baby, burn my summer.”

The album’s title track is another clear favorite, as evidenced by its huge viral streaming success. On his breakout track, which is dedicated to his wife, he proclaims his love for now and forever, making it a perfect wedding song. In fact, we think it’s about to give “Yours” by Russell Dickerson a run for its title of top country wedding song.

Hart shines on love songs, as evidenced by the “You Look Good in My Shirt”-esque “Flannel” and “Without You In It.” The latter is a gorgeous ballad that finds him wondering what life would be like without someone special in it.

While the singer-songwriter may be happily married, heartbreak is a theme on tunes like “4×4,” “Man Down,” and “Zebco.” Each of these is a clever up-tempo, finding him dealing with a broken heart. “Man Down” is lyrically one of the album’s best moments, as he drinks his sorrows away, admitting “that girl knows how to take a man down.”

“Better By the Beer” may be a breakup song, but it’s a fun up-tempo that has him feeling better with each cold one that passes his way. Likewise, “6-Pack Gone” is more of a ballad, with each beer in his 6-pack dedicated to a memory or moment with someone who got away. “Zebco” also provides a moment of levity, Hart’s vocals on full display as he spends some time on the lake, fishing away an ex.

“Put It On the Map” is a celebration of his hometown and the fact that it still remains just that, while “My Daddy’s Fault” is a poignant ballad about the way he was raised that made him the man he is today. “It ain’t my fault I don’t own a 3-piece suit,” He sings. “‘Cause I’m a little more Carhartt and boots.”

“Missin’ You” also provides another special moment, much in the vein of Lee Brice’s megahit, “I Drive Your Truck.” Here, Hart recalls all of the ways in which he remembers and keeps in contact with someone who’s passed away, and the result is a stirring and relatable moment.

On Life With You, Kelsey Hart introduces himself as a singer, a songwriter, and a rising country star that is sure to be a huge name in the genre.

Life With You  Track List:

  1. Burn My Summer
  2. 4×4
  3. Without You In It
  4. Flannel
  5. Man Down
  6. Drink About Me
  7. Life With You
  8. Zebco
  9. Better By The Beer
  10. My Daddy’s Fault
  11. Like You Leaving
  12. Put It On The Map
  13. 6-Pack Gone
  14. Missin’ You
  15. Country In Business

Country Swag Picks:

  1. Burn My Summer
  2. Without You In It
  3. Missin’ You
  4. Man Down
  5. Life WIth You

Kelsey Hart shares debut album, ‘Life With You,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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