Josh Kerr and Emily Falvey Duet on “Thought This Through”

josh Kerr Thought This Through

Since June, Josh Kerr has been releasing one song every month with plans to release twelve over the next 9 months. First came the breezy “Fall in Love”, written by Kerr and Emily Falvey, who is heard wistfully singing harmonies as if from a distance. Today he released “Thought This Through”, featuring Falvey, and it’s the perfect pop-country breakup jam to cap off summer. Although separate songs, it’s as if “Thought This Through” picks off right where “Fall in Love” left off.

“Should’ve known it would feel like this/Should’ve known how you’d fix your hair”, Kerr sings on the first verse, talking to himself as he sees his ex at a bar. Despite what he’d always imagined, he doesn’t feel calm, cool, and collected. He feels like he made a mistake as soon as he sees her with someone new. The production is slick; the snap-track lifts everything up as does the catchy guitar and banjo melody. When the chorus hits, the beat builds, and Falvey’s voice layered with Kerr’s is dreamy.

“I played out how this moment would go/Girl I swear/I thought I thought this through/That I knew what I’d do/Then I saw you walk into this bar with someone new/And I thought that I could act/Forgot I want us back/Turns out that after all this time it’s still too soon/I thought I thought this through”

When Falvey’s stunning voice comes in on the second verse, it changes the entire dynamic of the song; it’s now a conversation between two exes. “Didn’t think it would all rush back/Didn’t think you’d be here alone”, she sings candidly. When the chorus hits again, both Kerr and Falvey admit, “I thought I thought this through/Now I don’t know what to do/’Cause I think that I just might still be in love with you”. It leaves the listener wondering if the couple will reconcile or if they’ll keep their feelings to themselves.

This isn’t the first time Josh Kerr has featured another voice on his songs. “Oklahoma” featured Heather Morgan, “How Do You Know” with Amy Wadge, and “Only” featured his wife, Taylor Dye. It’s such a thoughtful and interesting choice to feature songwriters rather than radio artists because it’s his way of honoring the Nashville writing community. Emily Falvey is one of Nashville’s hidden gems; she is among so many incredible voices coming out of Music City that fans don’t get to hear as often, and thanks to Josh’s music, we get a taste.

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“Thought This Through” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.



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