John King Tackles Pride And An Aching “Goodbye” In Impressive Single

John King Try Saying Goodbye

Goodbye is a tough lesson to learn, and John King’s latest release doesn’t hold back in teaching us what it truly does. His first release this year, “Try Saying Goodbye” is already gaining unprecedented attention and praises from the country music community. Just less than a month into its release, the song has garnered almost half a million on-demand streams and has seen unwavering support by all of the major streaming platforms. Spotify has also included it in their New Boots, Wild Country, Nashville Stripped and New Music Nashville playlists, and Apple Music included “Trying Saying Goodbye,” in their Best of the Week, that featured only three country artists, Breaking Country and Broken Down Country lists. It’s also on Amazon’s Introducing Country and Pandora’s Country Now playlists.

This mid-tempo ballad is a breakup, heartbreak and aching song that will compel you to hit the replay button after just one listen. Everyone has been through a heartbreak, a “goodbye” moment of some sort, where no number of apologies can remedy or rewind the situation. The lingering regret is what holds the protagonist captive in this song as he relives the goodbye that he never wanted nor expected.

“Hey, nobody said love was easy / And I know it can be kinda hard to swallow your pride / You thought “sorry” was the hardest word you are ever gonna have to say to her in your whole life?  / Try sayin’ goodbye, try sayin’ goodbye.”

Penned by Jamie Paulin, Paul DiGiovanni and King himself, this song gives listeners a reality check too. Would it be better to “swallow your pride” and apologize for the hurt caused, or “saying goodbye?” The ultimatum is given in the bridge, as King sings and asks rhetorically, “You think you’re tough?  / Try standin’ in the dust while the woman you love puts you in the rearview and drives away.”

While apologizing is the obvious better choice, the music video portrays clearly what letting the relationship hurt linger might lead to an agonizing and heart-wrenching goodbye that leaves the protagonist wishing he could turn back the clock.

On the music video, King shared with, “This is hands down the best video I’ve ever been a part of. Jeff Johnson directed it and did such an amazing job of bringing the raw emotion from the song into the video. I remember watching the actors perform the scenes live and getting emotional because it was SO believable. I feel like the song has a message that needs to be heard. The video just makes the emotion even more palpable.”

With the support of Narvel Blackstock and his team at powerhouse management company Starstruck Entertainment (Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Hunter Hayes), the sky’s the limit to see where this undeniable hit of a song will take King. Our guess is he won’t be an independent artist for long, and we’re excited to watch his growing success.

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