Jimmy Kimmel Live! From Chicago with Garth Brooks on the Dive Bar Tour

Garth Brooks Jimmy Kimmel

Last night Jimmy Kimmel helped Garth Brooks kick off his Dive Bar Tour by broadcasting live from Joe’s on Weed St. in Chicago. During the first segment, Kimmel talked with the number one selling solo artist about his decision to tour in dive bars across the country. “Garth, why are you on a tour of dive bars, is it the smell that you love?” the talk show hosts laughed. “Yes, it’s everything I love about it, this is where our music was born.” The question we all are anxiously waiting to hear is the next stop on the tour and although Kimmel tried to get the answer, Brooks kept the remaining tour stops a secret.

Before taking the stage, Brooks at Joe’s went live on Facebook for his weekly installment of Studio G with his band stating “Getting ready to kinda take the music that was born in the honky-tonks, back to the honky-tonks.”

To close out the Tuesday night broadcast Jimmy Kimmel Live! headed back to the live show in Chicago to catch the superstar perform his latest single, “Dive Bar” and even though it was just released last month, fans were singing along to every word.

Last night was the first of seven Dive Bar shows, Brooks announced at the end of his Facebook live that they would announce the next tour stop in his next Studio G.  He also allowed the camera and subsequently all of his fans in on his pre-show circle with his band ending the intimate moment with “Let’s get loud and let’s have some fun, SHOWTIME!”.

To keep up with Garth Brooks and to hear his latest announcements about the Dive Bar Tour, follow him on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.


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