Jessie James Decker & The Sisterhood Band Sell Out Beacon Theatre

On a beautiful night in New York City, fans packed out the Beacon Theatre for Jessie James Decker’s sold out show.

Sisterhood Band Jessie James Decker

Tasked with warming up the crowd, the talented ladies of The Sisterhood Band, Alyssa Bonagura and Ruby Stewart, took to the stage first. The sassy duo showed off their spicy personalities, killer harmonies, and unique vocal and fashion styles, throughout their enticing 30-minute set. The ladies were clearly pumped to be playing for such a large crowd, sharing “Jessie James Decker fans are the best,” as the crowd erupted into cheers.

They started off their set, singing songs off their debut EP, Summer Setlist, including “Walk Away” and “13.” Following those songs, the singer-songwriters switched gears, introducing their newest songs that were released earlier this year and thanking fans for coming to see them.

“Guys, we just released new music! Our band is called ‘The Sisterhood Band.’ Thank you for being here a little bit early to see us play. We just released new music, two songs called “Get Up and Go” and a song called “Bullet,” adding, “This next song is called “Get Up and Go, and it’s about getting your car and driving around- It’s like summer song, I was dating a guy, who wouldn’t take me anywhere fun, and I was like ‘screw that,’ so we wrote a song about it.”

The track was just that, a sweet summer anthem, that all the females in the audience seemed to relate to. They went on to show off their harmonies yet again, in their next song, “Tenderize My Heart.” However, the highlight of their set came at the end, as the band sang, “Bullet,” a song they prefaced with “We wake up and we get to do what we love every day. And travel the world like this. And meeting you is the whole reason that we do it.” The ladies closed out their spectacular set with “Half Way,” successfully getting the crowd pumped for the night’s headliner.

jessie James Decker

After a brief intermission, the star of the night, Jessie James Decker took to the stage, in her sassy printed bodysuit and white booties, immediately singing the first song she ever put out, “Wanted,” followed by “Boys In The Summer.” The energy in the room was electric, as she belted the lyrics to the tracks as everyone in the room sang along with her.

Decker was beaming with excitement and pride, as she addressed the audience for the first time. “This is the biggest room. The most amount of people- I’ve ever sold out a show to. I told them- I told them when they showed me the dates. Just so you know, New York is going to sell out. They looked at me and they go ‘why are you so sure about that?’ Because I know my fans out there, they’re going to sell this out for me, and you guys did. And I’m so grateful,” she exclaimed, just before singing “Girl on the Coast.”

Jessie James Decker

The singer-songwriter’s set was filled with highlights from start to finish. The first highlight came, when she sang her slow-tempo song “Almost Over You,” that she recorded with powerhouse country singer, Randy Houser last year. Decker shared, “It’s one of my absolute favorites. If you know this song, please sing with me.” She slowed it down again with her newest song, “Roots And Wings,” calling it “…the perfect song to release,” and thanking fans for their support, as well as with an incredible rendition of “Shallow” from the film ‘A Star is Born,’ which really showed off her vocal range.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jessie James Decker show without some sassy moments, filled with sex appeal and confidence. Decker sang her unreleased song “I Need A Man,” in which she shared that a woman can be confident and successful, and still need a man to hold her down. Fans showed their approval for their song, singing and dancing along. She also introduced her ‘Jessie’s Boy Toys’ segment in which she has 10 men from the audience come on stage to dance and as she said, “entertain her girls,” as she sings her sexy song, “Clint Eastwood,” and a cover of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.” The winner of the competition, as chosen by the audience, won a free shot.

Jessie James Decker

Decker kept the energy up, bringing back The Sisterhood Band to sing an epic rendition of the iconic Shania Twain song, “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” The ladies gave a whole new life to the song that couldn’t be any more impressive. Decker also sang her jams, “All Filled Up” and “I Look So Good (Without You).”

For her encore, Decker, sang her Lil Nas X cover of the controversial song “Old Town Road,” which New York fans seemed to love. The songstress gave her own flair to the song, even adding her name into a lyric, “I’m going to steal your heart, just like I’m Jessie James.” She ended the night with the fan-favorite song, “Lights Down Low.”

After a two year touring hiatus, Decker proved to New York fans that she’s still got it. Her beautiful voice, incredible talent, and commanding personality proved that she’s a force to be reckoned with in the industry and that there is truly no stopping her. We look forward to more music from the songstress, as we head into the second half of the year.

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