Jameson Rodgers Gets the New York City Show He’s Been Waiting For

Jameson Rodgers finally got to have his New York City headlining show that he’s been waiting nearly two years for.

Bowery Ballroom was buzzing with excitement as patrons flooded the downstairs lobby bar, in anticipation of one of the first country concerts back in Manhattan since March of 2020. The old behaviors of having a drink at the bar with friends before heading in just seems to mean a little bit more this time around.

Rising singer-songwriter, Hunter Phelps opened the show with an acoustic set providing the much-needed ambiance to gather his fans after a long time apart. He played songs likes “Throwin’ Parties” and “Breakup Sex”, which got the crowd really warmed up and in the mood to vibe along to their love of country music.

After a 45-minute set, the room was ready for Jameson Rodgers to take the stage. He came out rocking with his full band to “I Love This Town”, a tribute to all the small towns every country fan knows about. Rodgers recently dropped his debut full-length album,  Bet You’re From a Small Town, on September 17th and New York fans seemed to already know all of the words. “Girl With a Broken Heart” was a standout track of the night, mesmerizing concert-goers with lyrics like, “I know goodbye ain’t no fun // keep telling yourself he ain’t the one.”

His number one, “Cold Beer Calling My Name” brought the party to life and everyone seemed to forget about not having been at a concert in a year. Rodgers mixed in some classics like “Take It Easy”, “Life in the Fast Lane”, and “Heartache Tonight”.

Right after a fan gave the entertainer a shot to take, Rodgers said he’d been waiting two years to play New York City, as he was sick for his originally scheduled 2019 show, and he was due for a second attempt in March of 2020. “There was a time not too long ago, when I didn’t think I’d be back in New York City playing country music;” a stark reminder of everything we’ve all been through the past 18 months.

He introduced his amazing band and they each got to sing a song, ranging from full on rock to a wonderful “Tennessee Whiskey”.

Rodgers also took a moment to bring his opening act, Hunter Phelps back out for a special performance of the number one song they co-wrote together along with HARDY and Ashley Gorley, for Chris Lane, “I Don’t Know About You”. Check out a clip from the special moment below.

Another standout moment was Rodgers’ performance of his track, “One Day” hit close to home for so many to remember what’s really important, and “Bet You’re From a Small Town” rounded it out, bringing it back to his small town roots. No matter what it took to bring him back to New York, everyone was glad he came.

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