Jackson Dean: ‘Greenbroke’ – Album Review

Jackson Dean’s major-label debut album, Greenbroke is out now, March 11th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new album below.

There are many things one might imagine when they hear Jackson Dean’s gritty and soulful voice. In fact, if one was a coach on The Voice, they might imagine they’re turning a chair for the likes of Chris Stapleton, Luke Combs, or Larry Fleet. It’s truly safe to assume that you’d never picture a young man behind the weathered and astounding voice.

Enter Jackson Dean, a twenty-year-old who currently has all of Nashville abuzz. While still in high school, the young phenom found himself as one of country music’s most sought-after new stars. He ultimately signed with Big Machine Records, and today, March 11, he releases his debut album, Greenbroke. 

For this project, the Maryland native enlisted super-producer Luke Dick, and the pair have created a truly masterful debut. Featuring ten songs co-written by the future superstar, Greenbroke is truly the type of album that breaks the mold and gives hope for the future of country music.

Opening with an acoustic guitar and a stomping soulful beat remnant of Marc Broussard, Dean comes on fast and furious with the album’s first track, “Don’t Come Looking.” With his authentic voice and driving guitars, the track is a declaration of independence. “If I don’t come back, don’t come looking,” Dean warns as he hits the road. He’s a man on a mission as he’s “got nowhere to go, so he’s already there.”

While “Trailer Park” poses Dean as a bit of a ramblin’ man not looking to settle down, songs like “Fearless” and “Love You Anymore” show a different side. On the former, he’s sensitive and vulnerable, admitting that there’s one special person who actually makes him nervous. “I’m fearless, except when it comes to you,” He growls in a way that’s endlessly endearing.

Meanwhile, on “Love You Anymore,” he’s wishing on stars and pennies in a well that he could move on, but finding it impossible. “I wish I didn’t love you, didn’t love you anymore,” He drawls, his voice laced with vulnerability. “Wish I could find a way to get through the day // Without going through hell.”

“Red Light” is a stomping jam that shows Dean with hints of Kip Moore in what may be the album’s most radio-ready track. It’s driving, it’s catchy, and it’s brilliant. Likewise, “Don’t Take Much” offers a moment of musical levity, with a feel-good groove that’s sure to make you smile. Here, Dean muses that “It don’t take much to have it all.”

The album concludes with the poignant double-header of “Wings” and “Greenbroke.” Both show the singer-songwriter’s true heart, with “Wings” offering one of the album’s most unguarded moments, haunting and melodic in a way that can be best described as a prayer. Here, he’s longing for wings to “fly above everything,” his voice laced with a weight far beyond his eighteen years.

The album ends on a positive note, with the title track. Building the moment with a moody instrumental that leads into Dean’s powerful vocal, it offers a lyrical affirmation of what he stands for. He left home at eighteen, never to look back, running free and “writing his story in the sands of time.” If there was any question as to who Jackson Dean is, it’s clear as day here.

Possessing a grit and storytelling ability way beyond his years, Jackson Dean offers a debut album that’s one of the genre’s strongest in recent memory. He’s country music’s next big thing, and we can’t wait to be along for the ride.

Greenbroke Tracklist:

  1. Don’t Come Lookin’ | Jackson Dean, Luke Dick
  2. Trailer Park | Jackson Dean, Cary Barlowe, Jesse Frasure
  3. Fearless | Jackson Dean, Luke Dick, Jonathan Scott Sherwood
  4. Don’t Take Much | Jackson Dean, Marv Green, JT Harding
  5. Superstitions | Jackson Dean, Luke Dick, Dan Tyminski
  6. Love You Anymore | Jackson Dean, Brian Bunn, Phillip Lammonds
  7. Red Light | Jackson Dean, Jonathan Scott Sherwood, Ryan Tyndell
  8. Other Than Me | Jackson Dean, Bryan Simpson, Ryan Tyndell
  9. Wings | Jackson Dean, Park Chisolm
  10. Greenbroke | Jackson Dean, Jeff Hyde

Jackson Dean drops his debut album ‘Greenbroke’ out now.

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