If You Like Julia Michaels Then You’ll Love…

We believe that everyone is a country music fan, they just might not know it yet! This week we are speaking to the pop fans of the world, specifically Julia Michaels’ fanbase. The songstress is as creative and as innovative as they come, and she is one of the most sought after songwriters in the industry. Her vocals and her writing truly have no limits, and we are big fans of her too! Plus, some may not know that she even opened for country star, Keith Urban on tour!


With that being said, we are sure that if you like Michaels then you’ll love these country artists below too!


Avenue Beat:

The trio of talented ladies that make up the rising group Avenue Beat are as exciting as artists come! The girls continue to push boundaries with their songwriting, proving that no subject is too taboo. Like Michaels, the songstresses rely on funky and creative melodies to deliver messages that need to be shared with the world. Avenue Beat meld genre stereotypes, always creating some new and fresh, which is definitely reminiscent of Michaels’ writing and recording style.

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Lacy Cavalier:

Lacy Cavalier is one of the most underrated independent country artists out there. Her songs like “Tea” and “This Ain’t Love” teeter the line between country and pop, but like Michaels, she can truly sing anything. Her phrasing is unique and creative, and her rapport with her fanbase is simply unmatched. Similar to Michaels, Cavalier is a songwriter, who is not afraid to take risks.

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Ashley McBryde:

Finally, Ashley McBryde is a firecracker Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter in the country music realm. She is a total badass and she truly appreciates her loyal fanbase. Not to mention, her single, “One Night Standards,” and song, “Martha Divine” show to sides of the singer’s multi-faceted personality and range, and we see that in Michaels as well.

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We encourage you to give these three ladies a try because we are sure that Michaels would appreciate their unique artistry too!



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