Here Are All of Dierks Bentley’s Number One Songs in His Catalog

Here are all of Dierks Bentley’s number one songs on country radio in his music catalog. The singer-songwriter has 22 number ones to his name.

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We love reminiscing about all of the great country music to hit country radio over the last few years. In our brand new series, we’re looking back on the songs that made it to the top of the country airplay charts. Today, we’re highlighting songs in Dierks Bentley’s career that hit the number one spot.


“What Was I Thinkin” – Dierks Bentley, 2003

Dierks Bentley’s debut single to country radio, “What Was I Thinkin'” hit number one less than five months after its release; an impressive feat for a young artist. Its fun story and high energy make this a timeless classic.


“Come A Little Closer” – Modern Day Drifter, 2005

Not particularly known for love ballads, Bentley’s second number one is a romantic melody about letting physical love fix all the problems and worries in a relationship.


“Settle for a Slowdown” – Modern Day Drifter, 2005

Bentley sings about how depressing it was to watch his girl drive away for good. He hopes to see brake lights but knows it’s not likely, so he would be happy just to see her slow down and consider turning around.


“Every Mile a Memory” – Long Trip Alone, 2006

Every country singer has at least one song about driving in a truck; this is Bentley’s. He sings about how every mile he drove reminded him of a time with his ex. He should be in awe looking at the western sunset or the stars in the Texas sky, but all he thinks about is her.


“Free And Easy (Down the Road I Go)” – Long Trip Alone, 2006

In this bluegrass hit, Bentley reminds us that as long as the sun is shining and you have clothes on your back, everything is going to be alright. You only have one life to live, so you should not spend it worrying about what the future holds.


“Feel That Fire” – Feel That Fire, 2009

The title track off his 4th studio album, “Feel That Fire” is about a reckless girl who acts on instinct and likes to live on the edge. Although she has a wild exterior, she longs for a real lover who makes her feel needed. 


“Sideways” – Feel That Fire, 2009

Bentley describes the southern honkytonk scene in this upbeat song. Not a whole lot of substance in this track, but it does a great job of putting the listener in a good mood and ready for a fun night. 


“Am I the Only One” – Home, 2012

Another fun, drinking song, Bentley fears that he is the only one who wants to party tonight. This is the perfect track to kick off your tailgate playlist.


“Home” – Home, 2012

This unifying anthem reminds us of what America is really about. No matter what hardships we go through as a country, this will always be the place we call home.


“5-1-5-0” – Home, 2012

This high-energy song gets the fans riled up at his concerts, as Bentley lets the audience sing along to the chorus with him. Essentially, this woman’s love makes him crazy.


“I Hold On” – Riser, 2014

A fan-favorite and staple in Bentley’s live set, “I Hold On” is a very personal track about the things in life he will never let go of, including his truck, his guitar, his religion, and his wife.


“Drunk On A Plane” – Riser, 2014

After calling off the wedding, the man in the song decides to go on the honeymoon anyway. He throws his own party on the plane ride there. This is Bentley’s biggest song, going 3X-Platinum, and is usually his live show closer.


“Say You Do” – Riser, 2014

Written by Shane McAnally with Old Dominion’s Matt Ramsey and Trevor Rosen, this song describes a physical relationship between a man and a woman after a big fight. The man is begging her to forgive him just for one more night.


“Somewhere on a Beach” – Black, 2016

The lead single off his 8th studio album, the protagonist in this fun, breakup song is using the beach and a new girl to get over his ex. Some speculate the man in this song is the same as the one in “Drunk on a Plane,” and he is enjoying the honeymoon a little more than he thought he would.


“Different for Girls” ft. Elle King – Black, 2016

“Different For Girls” highlights what breakups are typically like for both men and women. While men can act tough, throw on a nice t-shirt, and head to the bar, women usually take it much harder.


“Black” – Black, 2017

Dierks Bentley’s “Black” serves as the title track off his 8th album. Bentley’s vocals shine on this sexy and sultry track.


“Woman, Amen” – The Mountain, 2018

Bentley thanks God and expresses his gratitude for all the women in his life in this hit, which served as the lead single off his 9th album. During his live shows on the corresponding tours, black and white photos of women of all different races and ages dance across the backdrop, ending with a beautiful photo of his wife, Cassidy.


“Burning Man” ft. Brothers Osborne – The Mountain, 2019

“Burning Man” serves as the second single released from The Mountain and features Brothers Osborne on the fun, uptempo track. The song is a standout at shows with it’s upbeat melody and fun collaboration.


“Living” – The Mountain, 2019

This feel-good song explains the difference between being alive and living. It is paired with an adorable music video featuring his youngest child, Knox. Although the song suggests it is about being one with nature, the video showcases Bentley having an adventurous day with his son.


“Gone” – 2021

“Gone” marks the first of two standalone tracks released in 2020 dubbed, “covid holdover songs”. With no particular home on an album, the song laments the idea of a heartbroken person, wasting their days away after a failed relationship.


“Beers on Me” ft. HARDY & Breland, 2022

Bentley’s most recent number one single, “Beers on Me” with HARDY and Breland, serves as his latest and 21st single to top the charts. Adding rising stars HARDY and Breland make this fun-loving, upbeat anthem the perfect track to add to your playlist.


“Gold” – Gold, 2023

Over the years, Bentley has fine-tuned his musical style, delivering simple, yet perfectly elevated songs that are clearly influenced by 90s and folk music. “Gold” is one of those songs. A true embodiment of simple living, “Gold” showcases Bentley at his best. Fans seem to agree.


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