Hailey Whitters: ‘I’m In Love’ EP Review

Hailey Whitters shares brand new EP, I’m In Love, out now, July 28th on all streaming platforms.  Listen to the new EP now.

Hailey Whitters announced her new EP and subsequently released the title track “I’m In Love” and opening “Tie’r Down” this month. These two are sunny and airy, like a cup of sweet tea on a summer day. The rest of the EP follows this, but as usual, Whitters sets the songwriting bar high.

No amount of pedal steel and banjo are spared, and every song sounds like Hailey. Even if one were to compare it to Shania Twain or Trisha Yearwood or even Keith Whitley – she truly has her own unique sonic universe.

“Countryside Chick” is dreamy and lovely. There’s a great recall from Whitters’ junior album Raised; the final track, “In A Field Somewhere”, is playfully mentioned in the very first verse here. “Countryside Chick” is like the title track of Raised’s older sister.  “I’m a little more hold on tight // Rest of your life not rest of your night.”

Whitters also knows how to pick great songs that sound like they were written by her. That’s a talent on its own. “I’m In Love” and “Mellencamp” were both written by the legendary (and Whitters’ labelhead) Nicolle Galyon. The latter is that kind of classic country name drop song, and could easily be written off as being overdone. Yet, it is clever and surprisingly feels like a realistic snapshot of Whitters’ own life and relationship. Sonically, the song is irresistible. It’s wistful and exciting all at the same time.“Bad Love” is familiarly Whitters lyrically and melodically. She is always great at turning the simplest of phrases on their heads and finding double entendres.

It’s impressive to see Whitters evolve into her own while remaining consistently authentic. She truly is a one of a kind artist.

I’m In Love EP Track List:

  1. Tie’r Down (Hailey Whitters, Rodney Clawson, Chris La Corte)
  2. Countryside Chick (Hailey Whitters, Matt Roy, Brett Tyler)
  3. I’m In Love (Cameron Bedell, Nicolle Galyon, Lee Thomas Miller)
  4. Mellencamp (Nicolle Galyon, Mark Holman, Jordan Minton)
  5. Bad Love (Hailey Whitters, Hillary Lindsey, Jimmy Robbins)
  6. Everything She Ain’t (Hailey Whitters, Bryan Simpson, Ryan Tyndell)

Hailey Whitters shares new EP, ‘I’m In Love,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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