Granger Smith’s New Project: ‘They Were There’ A Hero’s Documentary


Granger Smith “They Were There: A Hero’s Documentary”
Produced by: Granger Smith
In partnership with Texas Roadhouse and Altama
Directed by: Paul De La Cerda

Granger Smith’s music career is hotter than ever right now, but this country artist has a passion that goes well beyond creating music. In his self-produced documentary “They Were There: A Hero’s Documentary” in conjunction with an original soundtrack released November 30th, Smith pays tribute to five fallen soldiers that sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

In the opening of the documentary, as Smith leaves his wife and children behind to begin his journey, he says “With my job, I always have to be on the road but I can only hope that when they see me leaving and eventually they understand that some of these things that I’m doing is out of an effort to try and make a difference. That is what this is about and that is what this trip is about and that is what this walk in the desert is about – making a difference.”

Smith takes us along an emotional yet uplifting five day trip through the Chihuahuan Desert in Big Bend National Park for the setting of “They Were There.” As he walks he speaks to family members and views personal belongings of each soldier which allows us the opportunity to learn a little more about each hero. Letters from family and journals these men wrote bring us into the life they lived on tour, their character and determination to make this world a better place. Their passion for America and defending our country in order for us to live safe and free is embedded in these men, and their sacrifice for all of us will never be forgotten.

Smith can now add self-producer to his ever-growing list of achievements, and his patriotism as he honors these fallen heroes is remarkable. Smith has performed for troops overseas several times and is an avid supporter of our U.S. military. Fans can experience a beautiful reminder on why we remain a free country by watching the eye-opening and heartfelt documentary “They Were There: A Hero’s Documentary” on his YouTube Channel here:

They Were There Original Soundtrack tracklist:
1) “They Were There” (Granger Smith, Mitchell Tenpenny, Jordan Schmidt, Andy Albert)
2) “You’re In It” (Frank Rogers, Justin Adams, Mark Nesler)
3) “We Got It” (Granger Smith, Jordan M. Schmidt, Justin Wilson, Jamie Paulin)
4) “4 Wheel Drive” (Granger Smith, Frank Rogers, Mike Florentino)
5) “Everybody Lives” (Tommy Cecil, Seth Ennis, Jay Brunswick, Jaida Dryer)
6) “I’m A Fan” (Granger Smith, Justin Wilson, Jamie Paulin, Jordan Schmidt)
7) “Raise Up Your Glass” (Frank Rogers, Matt Alderman, Ty Graham)
8) “Love Ain’t Blind” (Granger Smith, Justin Wilson, Jamie Paulin)
9) “Home Cooked Meal” (Granger Smith, Frank Rogers)
10) “Never Too Old” (Granger Smith, Justin Wilson, Jordan M. Schmidt, Andrew Albert)
11) “You’re In It” (Remix) (Frank Rogers, Justin Adams, Mark Nesler)



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