Five Things That Your 20s Are For

If you are anything like me you often feel like you are behind in life or maybe that your life is not exactly where you thought it would be when you were younger. I am here to tell you that, that is okay! Our 20s are a time of growth and exploration, so next time you are feeling stuck, uninspired, behind or just need a pick me up, remember these five simple realizations.


1. Your 20s are for taking risks.
It is time to throw caution to the wind! Before anyone says that taking risks is irresponsible, let me remind you that you can be both responsible and a risk-taker all at once. Say yes to the job that you want to try. Go on that trip that your friend invited you on last minute. Try out that new idea you had. Just do it! It’s okay if you mess up (see number 4). Don’t talk yourself out of things you want to do and just pull the trigger. Go for it!

2. Your 20s are for traveling.
Please travel. Travel teaches you so much about yourself, about life, about others, about other cultures, and everything else. Anyone can travel. You can take a day trip to a new city. You can backpack for dirt cheap across South East Asia or you can save all you pennies from your full-time job and plan the ultimate getaway. Whatever is your jam, just go for it! I can promise that you’ll never regret the money spent on travel!

3. Your 20s are for finding love, losing love, and everything in between.
Relationships are a big part of life, but in your 20s relationships often feel tricky and messy. Some of us have been married with a family, since 22, and some of us are 29 and are nowhere close to settling down. Both are okay! Your 20s are the perfect time to grow or tighten your social circle. It is the perfect time to go on dates, and it’s okay if your heart gets broken along the way because it gets you one step closer to your next relationship. It will all teach you more about what you want and deserve.

4. Your 20s are for making mistakes.
It is always okay to make mistakes, but I actually encourage you to make them in your 20s. This is the perfect time to pivot careers because the first one was not right for you (PIVOT). It is okay to mess up in relationships (and apologize later). It is okay to get too drunk one night or to drunk text your ex. It all happens. Learn from it. Leave each year of your 20s with a better understanding of what brings you joy and what lights your soul on fire. Making mistakes is the perfect way to find out!

5. Your 20s are for whatever life has in store for you.
Life is truly one big adventure full of discovery. We have the chance to find out who we want to be and what we want out of life. How exciting is that?! For most people, our 20s are the first chance that we get at really trying to figure that out on our own terms. Embrace it.



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