NYCS First Impression: Lena Stone ‘Princess’ EP

Lena Stone Princess EP

Today marks the release day of powerful songstress and former Swag Spotlight, Lena Stone’s newest project, an EP entitled Princess. Stone is one of the founding members of Nashville’s female community of songwriters, the Song Suffragettes. However, now she is stepping out on her own and displaying her stellar songwriting and vocals to the world on this five-song record.

The EP kicks off with one of the two previously released tracks, “Hotel”. A feel-good anthem, the song is a reminder to all of us to just simply enjoy life. The pop-country track has summer written all over again and begs for imagery of driving down the highway in a convertible. Furthermore, the double meaning of the lyric “Leave your baggage at home and let’s take it to the hotel” is nothing short of brilliant.

The other previously released song, “Personal Space” flips the notion of closeness and clinginess in relationships on its head. Instead of pulling away from affection, Stone sings about wanting her partner to be as close as possible. In the flirty and cheeky song, she revels about that desirable sense of closeness.

“I want to show you all, my favorite records / Hang out with you in my, old navy sweatshirt /
If I’m being honest, I’m never thins honest / So ask me my biggest secret / Baby I know you’ll keep it”

The record continues with the title track, “Princess”. Stone makes references to Disney princesses in the first verse and ways they could have solved their predicaments. Contrary to what others may think, Stone has no desire to be anyone’s princess or find ‘a white knight’. The jam focuses on female empowerment and independence in such an enticing and thought-provoking way.

“If you’re looking for a white knight honey good luck finding one /
If you lose your shoe at midnight, baby girl you’re probably drunk”

Continuing with her truthful and honest narrative, “Kids These Days” is clearly written from her perspective, as she, talks about all the ways that her generation is still learning and evolving, as well as, all the issues we may encounter. Each verse explores the depths of growing up a little bit further, helping to secure “Kids These Days” as one of the standouts on the record.

“Never going to grow / No, we ain’t ever going to change / Maybe we’re old, but so what /
Every generation’s the same / We’re just kids, these days / Kids these days”

Finally, the record ends with a much needed soft spot, a ballad entitled “Out Of My Hands.” The heart-wrenching break-up song shows that although confident and independent, Stone is human, and feels the hurt, anguish, and emotions that we all do. “Out Of My Hands” explores the notion that we can often control so much in our lives; however, we cannot control another person nor can we control their actions. Her prowess as a songwriter is at an all-time high in this shining track, but it is her vocals that are top-notch.

Princess leaves you wanting more in the best possible way. Stone pours her heart out for listeners and creates a story that makes you want to hear more. We are big fans of her, and we know you will be too after you listen to this project!

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Princess is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


Princess EP Tracklist:

  1. “Hotel”
  2. “Princess”
  3. “Personal Space”
  4. “Kids These Days”
  5. “Out Of My Hands”





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