NYCS First Impression: Farewell Angelina ‘Women & Wine’

Farewell Angelina EP Women & Wine

After a banner year in 2018 vocal group Farewell Angelina is kicking off the new year with even bigger strides with the release of their second EP Women & Wine. With seven songs, the generous EP gives an insight into what the future holds for the ladies of the group.

The first song on the EP, the title track, “Women & Wine” is a feel-good anthem that almost every lady out there can relate to “Nothing goes better than your friends together on a random Tuesday night / When your world is upside down it will always set you right / So pour it out drink it up / In Waterford or a Dixie cup

Next up is a song titled “More Problems” which is a sassy tune with rock undertones. The simple lyrics are in a way a metaphor, that literally yet perfectly, explain that the more stuff you have in your life the more it will cost you and the ‘more problems’ you will have. “All that stressin it’s too expensive/Can’t ask for more without a price to pay”

 The harmonies of the band are excellently represented in the third song, “Ghosts”. The subject matter of the song- lonesome, doubt, tough times, and being haunted by habits of the past- can all be overcome by calling on  Those familiar voices / They’re coming from the other side / Even the ghosts are singing tonight.” Although you might think you are alone, you aren’t, because those before you have been through it and found success.

“Vintage” is the definition of a windows-down summer-drive love song. It highlights the feeling of finding an old-school love that you’d never thought you would find or even still exists. “You’re vintage you’re classic / You’re made of old school magic / You’re a mixtape 68 Camaro heavy metal frame”

 The fifth song on the EP, “Forever By My Always”, has a late 90s’ sound, similar to that of Faith Hill or Martina McBride, and is a delicate profession to the love of your life, despite all of their irritating habits. “If the world started shaking / The sun it quit chasing the moon / If the sky started fallin’ /  I’d be the one calling out for you” 

The second to last track, “Baby”, is a heartless breakup song about letting go of a love gone wrong that just wasn’t right for you. The feeling of freedom after saying goodbye in this jam is palpable. “My baby’s gone and he ain’t coming back / My heart don’t even hurt so what kind of baby is that”

Last up on the EP, “I Feel You”, is a powerful heart-wrenching ballad about not being alone even in the darkest of days. Someone or something is always there in any situation “I feel you in everything I do/ Every storm that I drive through / Every day that’s black and blue / I feel you even when you’re not here.”  The telling lyrics can be interpreted differently by every person yet still convey the same message.

Check out live acoustic versions of the tracks “Women & Wine” and “Baby” plus a Q + A with the girls during our recent live swag session in the video below.

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