Exploring Ryan Kinder’s “Stay” With The Opry’s ‘The Write Stuff’

Ryan Kinder The Write Stuff Stay

Last month we introduced you to the new Opry video series, ‘The Write Stuff,’ where Opry Entertainment dives deeper into the stories behind the songwriting. Just last week, singer-songwriter, Ryan Kinder’s song “Stay” was the topic of discussion for a new episode of the mini-series.

The song was was co-written by Kinder, a NYCountry Swag 2018 Artist to Watch, with fellow songwriters, Fred Wilhelm, and Luke Sheets. Originally inspired by the power of Paul McCartney’s vocals, the trio created the epic song to match the delivery of a McCartney song. Wilhelm and Sheets shared that they knew that wanted to mimic that delivery with an artist in Nashville that could convey the same feelings, which led them to Kinder, who eventually went on to not only co-wrote the track, but later release it as his single back in 2018.

Kinder shared the real story about how the melody was created, while he was going to the bathroom, laughing, sharing, “I remember going to the bathroom, where all good idea comes from. And I started singing this melody…”

The gritty, romantic, and bluesy love song was created to convey the simple message of longing and aching for love or a lover. The men achieved that message through the heartfelt vocals, long- dragging notes, and the epic guitar solo. “The line that is the centerpiece of the song to me is “I know that I just can’t be alone right now,” that was kind of the idea and the sentiment we were trying to get across,” explained Wilhelm.

Sheets went on to share that Kinder playing guitar on the track added to it, “You speak more through the guitar than a lot of artists do. We played the solo over 120 times.” Each agreed that the song was an easy one to write and that the pieces came together pretty effortlessly.

Check out the video below to see the men further explain the songwriting process and clips of Kinder performing the song in the famed circle of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

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